Christmas Cheer

christmas At no other time of year is the joy of giving most contagious, than at December. Traditions of trimming the tree, cooking and baking whilst the carols play, gift giving and ribbon tying, cheek kissing and corny cracker jokes with paper crowns, the intense over indulging- we love it all. Christmas is our most favourite time of the year.

We miss the spirit and energy that filled the store at Christmas time. It gave us such joy to see many of you fawn over the delicate baubles, choose your gifts carefully and enjoy being in the festive atmosphere of this wonderful season.

Even though, we are no longer in Subiaco, we still get to celebrate Christmas with you. As we unwrap the decorations (saving some of our favourites from years before) unravel the umpteen meters of fairy lights, laugh over baubles we refuse to throw away for sentimental reasons, we remember with fondness the good times of the previous year and wonder how this year could be any more special. And it is. Every time.

There is something truly special about celebrating this one holiday with everyone. It’s nothing like a birthday or anniversary; we all get to experience the festivities together and share in this moment with those closest to us. We loved hearing stories of different family traditions; the menus, the colour schemes dreamed up, the to-do lists and boxing day rituals. Our stories, however different links us; they connect us and engage our child-like wonder at this most wonderful time of the year.

Whatever traditions you hold dear, we hope the new memories you create this Christmas will be filled with joy and delight. From all of us at Rustic Charm Interiors, we'd like to wish you and your families a safe and very Merry Christmas.

Believe in the magic and beauty of Christmas. Make it count and make it beautiful.

Here’s to a festive and beautiful home!


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1. Create a focal point using interesting decorations in your feature colour.
2. Everything looks better by candle light. Mercury votive's help to set the mood.
3. Fill bowls, jars or vases with basic ornaments for a polished look.

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