New Year; New Projects

Happy 2014 everyone! There's something special about a new year isn't there? The anticipation of the year ahead, new adventures, fresh starts, new year's resolution (that seem to make it to next years list). The excitement and energy is enough to make you want to give up coffee......just for a while.


We're hoping to inspire you to take on those design and decorating projects and get excited about your home. There's nothing like a new year to make a motivated list to tackle. We've put together our list of '14 Designer Secrets Revealed' to help demystify the elusive quest for making a beautiful home.

                                                                14 Designer Secrets Revealed!


1) Look to your wardrobe for hints of your décor style.

2) Add a pair of cushions to each end of your sofa. Favour contrasting patterns, colours and texture for a more layered look.

3) Be bold and go dark. Contrary to belief a small room will feel bigger when painted in a dark hue rather than white or beige.

4) Use big scale furniture for small rooms. Nothing makes a space look smaller than bitsy furniture that is small in scale.

5) Mix different décor styles. Take the chill out of a modern interior by adding texture in the form of rugs and prints. A modern glass coffee table can look more warm by layering a collection of books, brass elements, wooden tray or some greenery in a pot.

6) Tailored and skirted furniture add a sense of balance to a space. Too many bare legs of tables and chairs can make a room feel ‘uneasy’. Add a few skirted pieces to ground your space- an ottoman, foot stool or one sofa can be all that’s needed.




7) Go Gold! Gold is back in a big way so why not add a little glamour to your interiors. This can be as simple as a few brass frames, Regency style accent table or lamps. Gold adds a layer of warmth and is timeless.

8) Bring the outdoors in. Incorporate more greenery into your home this year. Nothing warms up a lonely corner than a potted tree. Palms and fig varieties work well.




9) It’s all about the mix, not the match. Switching up traditional seating in your dining area can take your space from ‘catalogue’ to fresh and fun. Add accent chairs to the heads of the table and replace up individual chairs with an upholstered bench or mix a few different styles of wooden chairs.

10) Don’t forget your closets. Add a splash of paint, wall paper them and add prints or photo’s to inspire you. A well-lit and organised wardrobe will let these often forgotten spaces, really shine.

11) Refinish a vintage piece. Change the colour or stain- who says everything needs to be brown?


12) Opt for an ottoman style coffee table. This combined with a tray is not only functional but versatile and offers additional seating when needed.

13) If you like your walls white- you need art. And lots of it!

14) Use it. Learn to love and use your precious heirlooms every day. A collection of brooches can look beautiful displayed in a ceramic plate by a bedside of on chest of drawers.

Bonus Secret….

15) Every room needs a touch of black. It adds interest and grounds a space

Hope you are feeling inspired to try a few of these secrets. We'd love to hear your favourite secrets.

Here's to a beautiful home!

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