Layered Spaces

Do you ever find yourself longing to live in the homes that grace the pages of top design shelter magazines? We often look to these magazines as a source of inspiration, but sometimes this can quickly turn into frustration or even worse, jealousy. Why is it that all these spaces look so inviting? Yes, it's true they have been professionally designed and styled, but there is still something real about these homes. We've identified the 'it' factor as having: A Layered Space.

It's the layers of room that make it more approachable, comfortable and welcoming. Layers of textures, colours and patterns balance effortlessly making the space feel inviting, unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


At Rustic Charm Interiors, we are drawn to spaces which are layered with classic pieces of furniture that not only look good but are comfortable, accented with bespoke pieces that are individual to home owners and accessories that represent a collection of memories; styled with purpose of course. We love to make the everyday, extraordinary. We've listed our top 4 layers of a room to help you create that designer touch in your very own home.



Layer 1: Think of a room as having 6 walls- don't forget the flooring and ceiling. Add layers though paint colours, wall paper, window treatments and rugs- even if you have floorboards.


Layer 2: Furniture. The scale of your main pieces of furniture including sofa, dining tables or desk is crucial to balancing the space. The most common mistake we see is furniture that is too big or small for the room.

Layer 3: Decorative Accents: Include soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. People often stop here, but it's important to go further by adding lighting (not only task, but ambient lighting), artwork, occasional pieces such as side tables, ottomans or a bench.

Layer 4: Accessories. Add your personal items to make an individual statement. Instead of piling everyday items such as remote controls, magazines or books on the coffee table, get creative and store your remotes in a beautiful decorative box, or store magazines in baskets under the coffee table. Tuck in your throw over an occasional chair. This is probably the most detailed part of this process, as having too much can look cluttered and not enough look unfinished. Our tip; be critical and ruthless. Edit your accessories and be selective; for example choose only your favourite photo's to display, use that vase collected on trips for fresh flowers and weave your wedding crystal into creative vignettes on bookshelves or open kitchen cabinets.

If you'd like help in creating a layered space, our new design and decorative services may be of interest or contact us for tailored solution.

We hope you've found some value in this post and would love to hear your comment below.


Here's to a beautiful home!




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