Let's Eat!

With the promise of Autumn weather around the corner, our social calendar has been filling up with 'last days of summer' events. From birthdays of the young and wise, farewell's, Christening's, picnic's, welcoming of Newborns and family dinners. You name it, we've done it. We've shared good food, laughed and made new memories. 


The dining room table is where family and friends come together to catch up on events, be nourished and share stories, so it's not surprise that most of our social events revolve around food. Nothing like an invitation to lunch to celebrate the joy's of life. 

This month we've been busy adding more dining tables and chairs to our website; after all the dining we've been doing, it's certainly a timely reminder that choosing the right table is crucial to any home.   

Here's our guide for choosing the perfect dining table.




Choose a table that suits your lifestyle by deciding how you will use your space. If your dining room is part of an open-planed living area, select a table that is more durable and casual in style. 

If you love to entertain, opt for a larger table with extra seating to accommodate. If you only entertain on occasion, an extension table may be more suitable. If you have little diner's think about your materials- glass can be extremely unforgiving with sticky fingers.




Choosing the right size table and chairs for the scale of your room is important. Too small and your furniture will look dwarf; too big and it'll look cramped.

It is important that you don't over crowd your dining room space. Measure your space allowing enough room for guests to move around when everyone is seated. Here are some basic measurements to consider:

  • Allow 60cm from wall (or furniture) to dining chairs for easy access
  • Allow up to 1 metre from table to wall (or furniture) for people to walk behind easily
  • Maximum width/diameter should be 120cm; allowing guests to help themselves and for conversation
  • Each diner needs at least 60cm of comfortable eating space. 


Rectangle? Round? Square? Or Oval? Choosing the right shape for your space is essential in creating a beautiful and comfortable dining experience. Rectangle tables are the most popular choice as most dining rooms are rectangle, but they also work well in narrow spaces and are perfect for accommodating more than 4 people. 

Square tables best suit square rooms and offer greater flexibility with guest lists. Depending on the size, it can be awkward for diners to to help themselves to food, so having a custom size option can good.

Tight on space? Opt for a round dining table; with no sharp edges you can fit more people in. Pedestal legs are also preferable for this reason. Lucite chairs work well in both contemporary and traditional homes giving the illusion of space. They can also help to show off an interesting base.


Most oval tables are extendable and visually they take up less space due to their rounded corners, making it a perfect solution for narrow or smaller spaces. 

Thinking of a new dining room update? Take advantage of our dining room package; allowing you to mix and match till you find your perfect fit. Save 20% when you purchase any dining table in a package with 4 or more chairs. Email us for more details. 

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Need some help in creating a beautiful dining room? Our E-decorating service may be just what you need.

Here's to a beautiful home!

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