Back to Basic's

by Crystal Lazaroo

Getting back to basic's is something we all need from time to time. Whether it's de-cluttering the house, creating simple nutritious meals or stocking up on wardrobe basic's of the season. Over the last few months, we've been noticing the 'trend' of going back-to-basics; keeping things simple and uncomplicated. With the busyness of our contemporary lives and the pace at which technology moves, it's no wonder why this approach to living is under the spotlight.



The furniture and furnishings industry is no stranger to this concept of getting back to basics; which often results in the revival of Industrial Chic- functional design meets aged materials. However, there is a fine line between living elegantly simple and that of furnished by road-side. When done well, we agree, it works!

When considering this approach to home decorating or design, we believe its important to exercise restraint. Restraint can help set the tone for a simple, elegant and comfortable home. Using natural materials such as woods, natural fibres, glass, stone can offer a pared back lifestyle without compromising on style.  Too much wood, and your home will date....quickly, too much glass (even with views) and it will feel cold and unapproachable or too much stone/marble and you'll be living in a showroom. So our motto here is: restrained contrast. Contrast the hard with the soft. Allow this balance to be your guide to decorating in a simplistic manner.

Wood: There's no denying that wood is the star of many homes and always be 'in style'. Be it on the floors, beams or furniture, using wood in interiors helps to add warmth to a space and connects us to nature. A place where the simplicity of raw beauty, reign.

Natural fibres and materials are perfect for what we consider layers of a home. A gorgeous wool blend rug or carpet or plain-dyed linens not only feel wonderfully soft on skin, but the longevity of the fibres will stand up to the test of time (and wear). 

Like many of you, we have a love hate relationship with glass. We love it for; framing views, sheltering us from the marvellous change of the seasons, for welcoming the light and creating a sense of space. We hate cleaning it!



Glass blurs the boarders between indoors and outdoors- it connects us with nature without having to step outside. The use of vintage style bottles, jars and glass items have also been popular with the getting-back-to-basics approach to decorating. From basic storage to hot decorator uses, these clear vessels are a welcomed basic in every home. 


Combining stone and wood, or vintage timbers with steel are perfect examples of contrasting the hard with the soft. Below are some examples that show how mixing these materials can add a layers of sophistication and style whilst using the most essential of materials.


We love the idea of mixing steel with the warmth of wood so much so, that we've added some gorgeous pieces to our collection. These items have been popular for those wanting to create a simple, pared-back and chic home. You can see some our new Industrial chic pieces here and here.

So, are you loving the idea of the less is more living, getting back to basics? We'd love to hear your comments below. 

Here's to a beautiful home!


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