The Art of Fine Dining: How to Choose the Right Table & Chairs

by Crystal Lazaroo

There are 3 main things to consider when selecting furniture for your dining room. Quality, Size and Style.                          


Dining room furniture can be an investment and is not something we change often so buying the best quality you can afford is a good starting point. There's a famous saying; Buy the best and you'll only cry once. I've lived by this mantra for over 8 years and can vow this to be true. When sourcing tables (especially wooden furniture) I always favour tables that are made from natural materials, that are solid in construction, have thicker tops and a lovely finish. Never be afraid to ask for specific details about the construction or materials of furniture.


 Size can be a tricky to get right as most people will gravitate towards larger tables to fit in more dinner guests. Having too much furniture in your space can make a room feel cramped and look unbalanced and busy. It's important that you have enough space for your guests to push out their chairs and walk around the table easily without bumping anyone. Measure from the wall (or furniture) to the back of a pulled out dining chair and see if there is enough space to move around. A useful tip is to measure out your furniture using newspaper or masking tape. Outline the backs of chairs and dining table to give you a better idea of of your space will look. Pedestal and trestle tables are a popular option for maximising more guests. The Beach House, Classic Farmhouse & Grayson are our most popular trestle style dining tables. You can view other tables in our collection here

Style. There are no one-style-fits-all rules, so don't be afraid to mix things up a bit, but consider the style of your house. We live a contemporary home with big windows, so I knew a rectangle table would work well in that space, giving me greater flexibility and freedom to choose chairs. I added some wing back style chairs at the heads of the table for interest and shapely French style chairs (of course!) as side chairs. There are so many different combinations that allow you to create a distinct dining room. For a more layered look opt for slip covered chairs. Choose a fabric you love and you''ll never tire of looking at them. Slip covers also make the perfect option if you like to change your look frequently. Another idea we love, is using a bench instead of chairs on one side for a casual beachy look. Alternatively, we suggest choosing at least 3 different, but complimentary styles of chairs to make your room more interesting. Very Vincente Wolf! 










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