Spring Inspiration: Creating Stylish Vignette's

by Crystal Lazaroo




I love spring! The promise of renewal and freshness fuels my creativity both indoors and outdoors. When I see all the changes taking place in nature, I’m compelled to be more daring in some of my design and decorating choices. Armed with renewed energy and motivation, I unleash my creative flair throughout my home- beginning at the front door- well inside the front door!

I love re-arrange furniture and accessories creating new points of interest and giving old favourites new-found admiration. To give my home a new change I do these three things; change out cushion covers and most linens, re-arrange décor pieces creating new vignettes and move furniture around to create a new floor plan- it doesn't need to be a whole room shift, just be adding or removing a few pieces, the feel of a room can be transformed. 



My starting point: Entry table. An entry console welcomes the first impression of your home and it greets you every day, so why not make it a little more special and inspired.  Here are my 4, no-fail techniques to creating a stylish vignette.

  • Symmetry. I love symmetry and find myself gravitating to it more often than I’d like to admit. It helps to anchor a space and offers a formal approach.  Lamps on either side are my go-to, but a pair of ottomans, benches or baskets underneath an open console, can also help to balance your entry.



  • Visual Impact. Three things to remember here: layers, repetition and height- and use these elements together. I concentrate the visual impact to the centre of the vignette, as this is where most of the details are. Layers create depth and interest and your console should be no exception. Use meaningful objects with different textures to really maximise interest. Think art (big and small), trays, boxes, shells, small urns, personal objects, photos and mirrors. Repetition can be explored through colour or objects. This will create a unified story of your vignette. The easiest way to do this could be; matching lamps, frames in the same colour or finishes of your objects- think brass, mirrored, ceramic, glass etc. Height builds impact and draws the eye. I frequently use books to add height if a vignette is looking too flat. You can also layer objects on top of books, giving you even more space to display your treasures.


  • Light source. Most commonly these will be lamps, but I like to add candles (scented and votive’s) to my vignettes. Mirrors can also be considered a light source as can help to illuminate an area especially when they reflect an exterior of natural light.


  • A touch of Nature. Faux or real. Potted orchids are a favourite, as are blossom branches (when in season) and ferns. Flowers can be a great way to add in colour and tie in repetition of colours.



What’s your spring routine? We hope to have inspired you to be creative with your vignettes and leave you with this quote from Coco Chanel. Apply to vignette and you’ve found a winning formula.

Here's to a beautiful home!





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