An unexpected colour palette: Black, White & Tan

When you think about timeless interiors, do you favour neutrals? On their own neutrals can be boring, but when teamed together with Black, & Tan (or camel): the result can be spectacular. Blending layers and textured of black, white or cream & Tan leaves your space feeling sophisticated, chic and will endure over time. Accents of black will help to ground a space- giving it weight, while neutrals of white and cream offer the perfect backdrop to build on, and tan adds depth. Be sure to mix up the uses of these colours by introducing different shades and textures.    


I first fell in love with this colour scheme upon seeing this contemporary farmhouse transformation. Designer Tobi Tobin has the black, white & tan colour palette down to a fine art. Mark D. Sikes is also a favourite of this colour palette. It's easy to add another accent colour when you begin with this as a base. Blues, Corals or Reds work will with this mix- What other combinations could you see working with this? 


Are you re-thinking your neutral space now? Begin by adding pieces of furniture and accessories in accents of black and tan to create a seamless space. Black pieces can lend itself to dark woods, Tan has varying shades from gold to mid brown and white's -come in all different shades- just look at a paint chart!


See our Pinterest board for more ideas. We just adore this colour palette and see it as being versatile- from bedrooms, living rooms, study's- even outdoor. The possibilities are endless, so enjoy the process and next time you're thinking of redecorating, perhaps you'll remember how understated and elegant Black, White & Tan can be! 

Here's to a beautiful home!

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