Size does matter! Finding the right size rug for your room

by Crystal Lazaroo

There is nothing worse than a small rug. The key to choosing the right size rug is to measure your space. It seems simple enough, yet so many people get it wrong. Why? Too often we make the mistake and think we can get away with a smaller (and less expensive) rug only to get it home and it never quite look right the space. It's so disappointing, especially when the search for the perfect rug has consumed too many weekends.

Rugs help to frame an area, add texture to your space and can pull a room together effortlessly. 


Rugs look best when all pieces of furniture are on the rug, but you can get away with half the legs on and half the legs off. The rule here is to be consistent. If your sofa legs are on the rug, then all other pieces should follow suit. Small rugs not only look bad, but can actually make your room look smaller and feel disjointed.


Start with a floor plan. Measure your seating area and choose a rug that will fill this space. Think about the scale of your room and furniture. Big space = Big rug. Use masking tape, or newspaper to help visualise the right proportions for your room. Half the battle is won here. Don't waste time looking at designs that don't come in your size, unless it's custom. 

Many rug stores allow you to take home and try (for size and colour purposes) rugs, so you really have a great opportunity to try before you buy! Our new collection of wool-blend rugs offer great texture in classic tones at an accessible price. With many different tones and 2 sizes to choose from there's a rug to suit any decor. Browse and shop our collection of rugs here. We also offer custom sizes for the ultimate choice.

Designer Tip: Rugs should be at least 15cm wider on each side of your sofa. For more great tips on choosing the right rug watch this video:

Here's to a beautiful home!

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