Gift Giving

by Crystal Lazaroo





Elevate your gift giving this Christmas season and take your wrapping skills up a notch. Six simple and memorable additions to your present wrapping this festive season.

1) Foliage. Fresh is best.



2) Bauble. One statement bauble or three plain ones add a glamorous touch.  



3) Snowflake cookie. If you love to bake, save a few extra cookies to adorn your gifts for a special made-with love approach. 


4) Berry sprig -red of course! A festive keepsake make for a cheery and fun experience.



5) Candy Cane. Perfect for kids.... of all ages. 


6) Bon-bon or crackers. A fun gift within a gift to extend the experience.


A wonderful quote from Pierre Corneille, "The Manner of Giving is worth more than the Gift" reminds us that the joy of giving is found in the process. From choose the right gift to a thoughtfully wrapped present. Such a simple, but meaningful way to show your loved ones how special they are. 

Wishing you and your family a blessed Merry Christmas. 

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