Creating a Happier Home

by Crystal Lazaroo

This year, my main goal is to enjoy a more organised home & work environment. It's true what they say; your environment can elevate mood and improve productivity and creativity. For me, happiness and harmony go hand in hand and I feel most relaxed and energised in a home that's clutter free. I'm definitely no minimalist, but there is beauty in simplicity. Here's our guide to a happier home with some simple styling tips.

De-Clutter. We all know we should do it. The key here is to just start. It will get ugly before it gets better.

Pantry Pretty. Make meal time more enjoyable with a neatly organised pantry. Store staples in glass canisters for an instantly chic look and make meal prep a breeze. I love to use cake stands (great to add some height) for sauces, oils and seasonings, rattan baskets for spices and packaged foods, and a pretty platters for onions, potatoes and garlic. Everyday containers can elevate your pantry and turn it from a dumping ground for groceries into a work of art. The proof is in these photo’s.



Images above: Monika Hibbs

Do you need more storage for your pantry essentials? Our Gainsborough Larder Press is a beautiful and practical addition to any home. Classic in style and designed with ample storage; it's even chic enough to live near your kitchen. Find more details here.


Go Green. I personally love neutrals but crave pops of colour inspired by nature; blue's and green's. Green symbolizes growth, freshness & harmony; all the things you'd want for your home right? Indoor plants have purpose in our homes so use them to decorate an empty corner, add life to bathrooms, dress a coffee table, or welcome you in an entry. Adding greenery to your home is an immediate mood elevator. My personal go-to favourites include: Fiddle Leaf, Maiden Hair and Branches of whatever grows in the garden. From magnolia, chinese tallow, boxwood or lemon tree, anything goes.



Gallery worthy Art: Professionally framed artwork can elevate any piece; yes, even your 3 year-olds colourful strokes! Art speaks to our soul and makes us happy. A trained professional eye to help select the right boarder and mat combination makes all the difference. 








Switch. Change out basic décor items such as; linens, rugs, cushions and throws to help your home transition into next season. Our needs change depending on the weather, so it makes sense to switch out key décor pieces to make us feel more comfortable. A simple white cotton blanket in summer creates a fresh and cool mood, while a cosy throw over the sofa encourages a sense of luxury and warmth.

Signature Scent. Everyone loves a candle and nothing adds warmth to a space like a flickering flame with a heavenly scent. Commit to one fragrance to set the tone and your home (and guests) will thank you.

Decorate. Decorate with accessories you love. I adore textiles, ceramics, books, lamps, glass hurricanes and greenery. When you decorate with what you love, it's easy to switch things around for a fresh look. Update your coffee table and entry console styling with confidence knowing it will work.

See below for inspiration.





Image sources: Bungalow 55, Monika Hibbs & Studio McGee.

Getting organised so you can live in comfort and style with less stress and clutter requires some careful planning. As we embarked on this journey (still traveling) for a happier home, we realised we needed storage. Pretty storage at that! While baskets and boxes can only hold so much, a larger cabinet was need get things moving in the right direction. Something that would look beautiful in the context of our open-plan home and serve practical storage. Enter the Newport Bookcase. While this piece may be considered an investment, I know it can transition from living room, office and playroom with ease. I love that it has some open shelving which is perfect for display and cupboards for practical (but less pretty) storage. I love the style. Part cabinet, part bookcase. 

To celebrate the first month of 2018, we're offering 20% off all baskets, cabinets and bookcases for a limited time only. Shop wicker baskets here. Perhaps it's time to upgrade your storage options? Shop our beautiful cabinets and bookcases and find one that's right for you and your home. Shop in store and online. Use code: STORAGESAVE20 to complete your purchase online.

Are you looking forward to a more organised (and happier) home this year? Leave us a comment or share your best organising tips, we'd love to hear from you. 

Here's to a beautiful home!

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