Creating Mood With Mirrors

by Rustic Charm

If you’re looking to change the feel of your room, a mirror is a great and easy way to do just that. Small, big, wide, narrow, minimalist frame or wonderfully ornate, there’s literally a mirror for any room, in any style.

At Rustic Charm Interiors, we love enhancing the mood of a room using mirrors, and we’re excited to tell you why.  


The benefits of decorating with mirrors 

Aside from being a highly practical tool in the bathroom or wardrobe, they’re also stunning décor accessories with benefits.  

  1. Mirrors create the illusion of depth, light, and space so they can effortlessly make a small room feel bigger (and a big room feel enormous). 
  1. Whether you love the simple aesthetic or an eye-catching mirror that doubles as a piece of art, mirrors make a statement.
  1. If you’ve got minor imperfections on your wall, mirrors are an easy way to cover those, especially in rentals where you may not have the freedom to patch or repaint. 


Where to use a mirror 

You can use a mirror just about anywhere, in any room. A full-length mirror leaning against the wall is a great decorative element — we love a good free-standing mirror in a bedroom or living room. Mirrors are also great for narrow areas, such as hallways, which can help to amplify light in a space where there isn’t any. A large, wide mirror looks beautiful near a dining setting and helps let in more light to the family areas. 

Our Meg Mirror looks great in hallways, above your bedroom dresser, and above mantles for a luxe look. With a gold geometric frame, it’s both simple and ornate, giving you the best of both worlds.  

We’re also seeing decorative mirrors used in laundries & powder rooms to make an ordinary space feel more dynamic and personal.


Speaking of powder rooms… 

Most home comes with a standard builder mirror in the bathroom and powder room (if you have one). These are pretty ordinary — nothing special — but we think your bathroom or powder room is an opportunity to do something different! After all, these are some of the most commonly used rooms in the house! 

Pavilion Mirror on wall in room

You can elevate the look and feel of your bathroom with a more unique mirror. We love seeing our captivating Pavilion Mirror in powder rooms or entryways. Made from beautiful natural bamboo and rattan, this octagonal design comes in two sizes which makes it suitable for a range of wall spaces.  

Decorating with mirrors adds a layer of personality to your spaces, be bold and your walls will thank you for it. Shop our Mirrors here.

Here's to a beautiful home!


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