Decorating with Black; How to incorporate Black in your home.

by Crystal Lazaroo

Interior Designers and stylist often say that every room needs a touch of black to feel finished. What do you think? Do you agree with this statement?

Personally, I love decorating with black. Black transcends any style of home and looks good in any interior space. Whether you favour modern lines or classic bones, a little bit of black can go a long way to elevate your interior. We're showing you 5 ways to incorporate black in your home this season. Experiment with these ideas till you find the right balance. 

1) Art & Black Framed Art


We've selected Art with touches of black (with black frames) in both our current Interior Styling projects, to help tie together other elements of black used in these spaces. In our #RCIATWELLPROJECT we used this gorgeous Cotton Bloom  piece of art, placed next to an existing black and white Newport library bookcase. The subtle blush tones works well with the brass Darlana lantern in the dining room and other taupe/natural linen elements in the open plan living room.

In our #RCICLAREMONTPROJECT we chose this sweet graphic piece to compliment our clients black iron frame bed. The print will be offset with a softer muted piece on the opposite side of the fire place. Stay tunned on social media for more updates on these projects. 

We also love using black and white prints in bathrooms, laundries or powder rooms as often these spaces are bright and light, and a touch of black helps to ground the space. 

2) Paint.

Think high-gloss front door, window frames or even external facade. We've been noticing a big trend in black steel windows and doors. Imagine a modern barn or farmhouse style. How perfect.


In our #RCICLAREMONTPROJECT our client selected a gorgeous dark (though not black) paint for the stand alone flat at the rear of her home. The dark exterior suits the surrounding greenery so well and gives the flat a sense of personality and gravitas.

3) Accessories.

Anything from lighting to rugs and décor pieces. You can incorporate touches of black into your home to elevate the level of sophistication and help bring all elements together. Black accessories can be a neutral. You might want to consider matte black hardware or lighting, such as our Hicks Pendant (featured below) in your kitchen for some wow factor. If you're not ready to commit to full black, why not try something with a blend. The stunning Masinissa Rug by Dash & Albert is a beautiful woollen rug with interesting pattern that incorporates grey and faint black lines. See images below. If you'd like more information about this rug please contact us for more details. 



4) Piece of furniture

We love BLACK and using a piece of black painted furniture in your home may seem bold, but if you choose the right piece it can transition any style and remain a timeless piece for years to come. Our strategy here is to choose a classic piece, something with pretty details and simple lines. Some of our favourite pieces in our collection include our; Newport Bookcase, Thornton & Long Island Cabinets, Bistro Stools in black and white, Toulouse Buffet and Montauk and Hamburg dining chairs.


5) Outdoors

Using black in a sea of green always looks fresh and chic. This favourite colour combination looks classic in any outdoor space, especially when incorporated through use of cushions, outdoor upholstery or rug. Glazed pots help to unify a colourful garden. Our Portofino Outdoor Collection takes its cue from this classic and timeless combination. Pair with contemporary upholstery colours for modern living. Browse the upholstery options here. A striped rug in black and white is also a great way to incorporate black into your scheme. Try our Catamaran rug for classic stripe pattern and the materials make it durable and easy care. 

We hope this post has inspired you to be more adventurous with using black in your homes. Got a question? We'd love to hear from you. 

All images in this post are from Pinterest and here.  

 Here's to a beautiful home.



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