Designing A Beautiful & Timeless Bedroom

by crystal lazaroo

Creating a restful retreat to enjoy after a long day should be a priority especially  with our busy lives, yet our master bedroom is often the last place we decorate. Let's change that! We've outlined a easy to follow bedroom essentials to help you design the bedroom of your dreams. Let's dive in...


1) A beautiful Bed (or bedhead).

Your bed is often the focal point of your room, so it's important to choose this piece first. We love the cosiness of an upholstered bed and the Harper bedhead is the perfect starting point. A classic shape in neutral linen fabric will transition well over time; simply timeless. 




If timber is more your style, our Coralie bed makes a casual timeless statement. We love how the fresh white timber frame combined with cane panel inserts adds subtle texture and pattern. Our Coralie Bed is a simplified version of a neo-classical style french bed, which is timeless in style and design.







2) Side Tables.
Resist the urge to match your bedside tables to your bed, instead, look for contrasting options.  We favour classic shapes with simple lines in mid-tone timbers or black and white bedside tables for a timeless look.


We adore our Coralie Nightstand for its neutral hue and textured timber grain, a practical drawer for storage and the sweet cane shelf adds an extra layer for styling which always goes a long way. Style this shelf with a large decorative box or bowl, a stack of books or a collection of hats in a basket adds interest and texture.


3) Artwork.
Art gives your bedroom a layered lived-in feel. Not sure where to start? We suggest one large abstract piece over a dresser and either a linear piece or a pair of landscapes over the bed to help draw your eye up. Botanicals and seascapes make a great choice for classic style bedrooms.


Browse our Art collection here.

4) Rug.
Nothing feels better than sinking your toes into a soft rug, especially on cool mornings. Rugs can be a great way to introduce pattern and colour into your bedroom whilst providing an extra layer of comfort and texture, which is essential to designing a timeless bedroom. We favour traditional-style rugs in a range of soft hues for the ultimate relaxing bedroom retreat. Our favourites include; Bali in Blue, Emma in Blue, and Masinissa.


5) Lamps.
Soft lamp lighting makes everything look better. Choose classic style shapes with soft curves for a timeless look. With so many great lamps to choose from, browse our full collection here to find your perfect lamp. 



- Stick to a calming colour palette. We love decorating with soft blues or greens or neutrals for an effortlessly timeless look.

- Keep your key pieces (bed and side tables) classic in style with simple lines.

- Accessorize with texture and colour through fresh blooms, structural greenery or tactile coral.

- Add layers of texture to your bedroom and create a cocoon-like effect. Bedding and cushions are a great starting point, but consider a beautiful cane bench or upholstered accent chair. We love the casual coastal feel of our Shoreline bench plus it provides a great place to put on your shoes.


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