A Hamptons Living Room.

by Crystal Lazaroo


Creating your dream Hampton's-inspired living room is something that everyone can achieve, no matter the postcode.

When decorating in this coveted style, it's important to keep your room feeling light and airy. Hampton's style interiors are refined and sophisticated yet casual and timeless. To achieve this look, mix and match various styles and materials together for a seamless approach. Resist the urge to match your sofas. Instead opt for one larger, more contemporary sofa and mix it with a pair of classic style armchairs or alternatively pair a classic Chesterfield with two contemporary armchairs. Soft colours and neutrals work best when decorating in the Hampton's style.

We've put together a few keys ideas to help focus your attention when decorating your dream Hampton's living room. Begin with these basics for a sophisticated living room that will remain timeless and elegant for years to come. A well-designed Hampton's living rooms have these things in common:

1) Linen upholstery.

Slip-covered sofas are a favourite and the ultimate in luxury. Beautiful textured and tailored slips made machine washable offer modern practicality. Introduce contracting patterns or colour to your other upholstered pieces such as armchairs, a bench, Ottomans or even an upholstered coffee table, which suit more formal living spaces. 


                                      Addison Sofa. Available in various colours

2) Wood. 

No Hampton's living room is complete without a few key pieces of wood furniture. Most common examples include coffee and side tables. Choose a different coffee table to your side tables- this will give you collected look and keep it interesting and layered. 


            Trestle Coffee Table                                            Barrow Coffee Table


3) Brass and or Ceramic accents.

Here is where your collection of blue and white can really shine. Grouped together in a gorgeous cabinet or carefully curated in little vignettes on coffee or side tables- have fun with accessories. Brass floor or table lamps and scones with linen shades are a favoured addition to finish off a room well. Mixing up your floor and table lamps is key- no need to match the pairs here, but keep your sconce's the same. Sconce's flanking a fireplace can look lovely, but what if you don't have a fire? Try placing them either side of a collection of wall art or photographs to create a focal point.

4) Rugs.

Sisal is quintessential Hampton's but can be rough under foot and on knees, so why not layer your rugs. Choose a large scale sisal to cover your main living room pieces (sofa and arm chairs, coffee and side tables) leaving plenty of room on all sides- don't skimp here- bigger is better. Layer a softer more luxurious rug on top of your sisal to pull your look together. Here is where you can add some interesting texture and pattern or colour. 


                                                     Browse our rug options

5) Lighting.

A living room lends itself to multiple sources of lighting. You want enjoy your space and spend time there but it must be functional both day and night. Lamps, overhead and wall lighting all have their place in a Hampton's living room.

Lamps are a great way to introduce accents of colour (blue and green ceramics or wood) and texture as well as being a practical and sculptural element in the room.

Floor lamps are great for reading especially when perched perfectly over armchairs.

Wall lights can highlight artwork or frame a focal point (fireplace) and add ambience to a living room, making it warm and inviting.

Overhead lighting can really make a statement and help to define your space, especially in open plan homes. Chandeliers or glass pendants are a clear choice and offer a sense of scale. Depending on the style chandeliers can help to ground a lofty space or make a room appear larger. 


 Left to right: French Column lampNew York chandelierFlorrick lampOdyssey lamp

6) Wicker or Rattan.

No Hampton home is complete without a little wicker or rattan, and when used with restraint can offer a seamless transition. Natural materials instantly add warmth and texture to a neutral space. We love to use of rattan in the form of trays, trunks or baskets for pot plants or storage. Wicker offers a lovely pattern and texture and one or two substantial pieces is usually enough. A pretty wicker chair or tray table (used as a side table) are a favoured way to introduce this classic element. 

A mood board can really help to organise your ideas and help identify the key pieces within your space. It can also help to give you a bigger picture view, as sometimes decorating a larger space can seem overwhelming. See our sample mood boards below for ideas on how to create one.  


We hope this post has helped to demystify the 'rules' for creating a Hampton's inspired living room. We'd love to hear from you and what your biggest challenges are. Drop us a line below. Till next time...

Here's to a beautiful home!



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