How to create a beautiful Neutral Bedroom

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The key to designing a beautiful neutral bedroom is balancing the mix of materials and building layers of contrast. Think woven textures combined with brass accents and muted furnishings (through cushion, bedding and artwork selections) in complete harmony to create an elevated and calming bedroom sanctuary.

Be inspired by dreamy neutral bedrooms that are anything but boring, and follow our guide below to see how you can achieve this same look in your own bedroom. 




Bed linen is a simple way to set a luxurious tone for your neutral bedroom. Using white as your base, experiment with various patterns found in stripes or textured weaves for a classic yet elevated look. A tactile throw, in wool or chunky knit layered casually at the end of your bed creates depth and dimension plus an added layer of comfort on chilly nights. 

Cushions are great layer accessory to introduce colour and pattern into your neutral scheme. We like to keep this simple with two square (50x50 or 65x65) and one large lumbar for an always pulled together look that is chic and effortless. Browse our new cushion collection here

Rugs provide an extra layer of comfort with a soft place to land your feet on cold mornings. A cosy layer at ground level  helps to add dimension and depth into a neutral bedroom scheme.

If you have carpet in your bedroom, try incorporating a patterned rug under your bed to elevate the neutral palette. Soft blues and greys work well in a neutral bedroom yet create a point of interest. Some of our favourite rugs include:

Masinissa Wool Rug, Sophie Rug in Sand and Temple Rug in Sand. 

We also love our Kira Rug for punch of colour in rich gold and muted grey for a masculine edge.



Brass Accents

Brass elevates any neutral space by interest. Consider a pair of wall sconces to frame a piece of furniture or artwork. Lamps and wall sconces add soft diffused light making a neutral bedroom cosy and inviting. A brass mirror or gilded artwork work to balance the other softer more neutral choices with your space. 

We tend to go for shapely lamps in bedrooms for a softer more feminine approach. Their shape makes them a substantial choices to frame the bed & side tables. Browse our collection of wall sconces here, our favourites include; London and Claire sconces in brass. Shop our bedside table lamps here, be sure to check out our best sellers; Albie,  Elise & Morton. 

Muted Furnishings

Soft furnishings including cushions and rugs play an important role in making a bedroom feel cosy and inviting. Keep the palette muted and experiment with patterns and textures to keep things interesting. But don't stop there, so many people do, consider your walls. Art work can be a powerful decorative accessory to create mood and enhance your neutral scheme. By simply changing out a rug, cushion or artwork you can create a totally different look. See our mood boards below as visual examples. 

Above: The ultimate Neutral Bedroom. We love how all these elements work together seamlessly to create a beautiful and inviting bedroom which remains timeless. The touch of black through the cushions and artwork help to keep the space grounded. 

Above: Neutral bedrooms don't have to be boring. By adding a graphic rug, cushions, abstract art in muted colour palette and shape in the lighting choices, we've created a bedroom scheme that is balanced, calming and soothing, all things you want from a bedroom.


Above: A classic style bed pairs with simple bedside tables and patterned rug to ground the bed, brass accents & seascape artwork for an effortless style. 

Above: We've introduced colour through artwork, rug and cushions to include muted blues and greys which work beautifully in bedrooms for a soothing and restful palette. 

Creating a mood board to gather your inspiration and final selections is a great way to ensure you have a cohesive look.The key to selecting complimentary pieces is balance. Avoid matchy-matchy bedroom sets which tend to make a bedroom feel one-dimensional and lack interest. Instead, consider the balance of textures and materials. Incorporate timber and brass accents or balance ceramics with texture through linens or woven materials and add pattern and colour through cushions and throws or artwork. 

Looking for some help in creating your very own mood board? We'd love to work together and develop a beautiful bedroom scheme. Get in touch with us via email: for more details and let's get started. 


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Have a question about Neutral Bedrooms? Leave a comment below and let's chat more, we'd love to hear from you. 

Here's to beautiful home!



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    Having neutral decor for a bedroom is something I have often debated with my friend who works at He argues that the bedroom must be done in darker shades to keep out the light. But my stand is that the bedroom needs enough artificial and natural lighting to enhance the neutral decor.

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