How to create a beautiful Neutral Bedroom

The key to designing a neutral bedroom begins and ends with the use of layers. Layers of texture, warm brass accents, and muted furnishings work together to create an elevated bedroom sanctuary that is anything but boring. 

Be inspired by these dreamy neutral bedrooms and follow our guide on how you can achieve this same style in your own bedroom. 



Bed linen can be luxurious way to set the right tone for your neutral bedroom. Using white as your base, experiment with various tones of beige for a classic elevated look. A throw at the end of your bed adds a certain level of sophistication and luxury. Experiment with texture and pattern, anything from chunky cable knits or luxurious fur (faux of course) or wool will give a neutral bedroom the balance of texture it needs to keep it from looking boring. 

Cushions are another great way incorporate colour and texture in your neutral scheme and we suggest to at least 2 different but complimentary patterns and two shapes. Two squares and one large large lumbar is all that's needed. 

Rugs under foot is one of life's simple luxuries (rugs and clean sheets) and creates dimensions in a neutral spaces. If you have carpet in your bedroom, layer a patterned rug under your bed to give your room an extra layer of comfort. A neutral bedroom can benefit from a tactile surface and rugs are a great way to introduce some pattern or colour into your bedroom. Soft blues and greys work well in a neutral bedroom to create depth. Some of our favourite rugs to use in a neutral bedroom include:

Temple Rug in Taupe or Chekat Rug in Natural are perfect choices to inject some pattern in your neutral bedroom.


Brass Accents

Brass adds warmth to neutral interiors and elevates a bedroom giving it a luxurious and timeless feel. We love to incorporate a pair of wall sconces for additional lighting in a bedroom and when used creatively can accentuate other decorative pieces, such as artwork or furniture. Lamps and wall sconces offer soft ambient lighting which make a bedroom feel cosy and inviting.

Check out a few of our favourite bedroom lighting options below. 

Etolile Chandelier; has a great shape which works well in square rooms and it's brass which adds warmth, the stars are a little fun too! We love this option as a statement centred over the bed.

Scalloped Chandelier; beautiful shape with gentle curves, which is just lovely in a bedroom. The shade also offers diffused light.  

Jacqueline Chandelier; a great textural piece with a touch of brass for glamour!

Browse our full collection of wall sconces here

Try these lamps for a classic and timeless appeal: Elsie, Morton, Weller Zig-Zag

Muted Furnishings

Soft furnishings including cushions and rugs play an important role in making a bedroom feel cosy and inviting. Keep the palette muted and experiment with patterns and textures to keep this interesting. But don't stop there, so many people do, think about your walls. Art work can be a powerful decorative accessory used to create mood and enhance your neutral scheme. By simply changing out a rug, cushion or artwork you can create a totally different look. See our mood boards below as visual examples. 

Above: The ultimate Neutral Bedroom. We love how all these elements work together to create a beautiful, inviting and timeless look. 

Above: Neutral bedrooms don't have to be boring. We've added interest and dimension by adding a graphic rug and cushion, abstract art in muted colours framed in brass ties together the other brass accents in the lighting selections.

Above: A classic style bed paired with white bedside tables layered with patterned rugs, brass accents and seascape artwork add a sophisticated touch to this neutral bedroom. 

Above: We've introduced colour through artwork, rug and cushions to include muted blues and greys which work beautifully in bedrooms.

Using a mood board to gather your selections is a great way ensure a cohesive look. The key to selecting complimentary pieces lies in balance. You want to avoid a matchy-matchy look which is often why neutral bedrooms can look boring but consider balance of textures and materials in your scheme. Mix timber with brass, ceramic with woven materials and wool to get the balance just right.

We'd love to work together and help you create your dream bedroom, neutral or otherwise. Email us at: info@rusticcharminteriors.com.au for more details and let's get started. 

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Here's to beautiful home!


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