How to decorate a home corner

by Rustic Charm

Most of us have that corner in our home that seems impossible to decorate. Even if yours is an unfortunate blend of bland, dark, and awkward, you can still breathe life into it. With a passion for décor and interior design challenges, we’re sharing our personal top tips for elevating that boring corner into a place of art and interest. 

Start with paint. 

Before you even get to furniture and styling, make sure your canvas is setting you up for success. If you want to go stark and crisp to let your décor shine, opt for a white or otherwise neutral corner. However, if you’re looking for a little more intrigue and ambiance, you can get creative with your paint colours and design. You can even do this using a small sample paint pot to keep the spend down. 

Image credit: The Lovely Drawer 

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Choose an armchair. 

An armchair is a nice addition to corner with a little more space. Pair it with a small side table, a few noteworthy books, plants, a lamp, and your corner is complete. Our Knox Armchair in nude, tan, or black will be your corner’s hero. Likewise, our Reid Armchair (seen below) — featuring stunning teak wood and subtle reed details — is another winner. Dress it in cushions and a throw blanket, and you’ve got yourself a cosy corner the family will be fighting over. 


Let there be light. 

Beautiful corner lighting can be achieved with a floor lamp, table lamp, or wall lamp (almost essential if your corner isn’t near a window). Aside from the aesthetic appeal, a lamp is especially practical if you plan on using your newly furnished corner as a reading nook. For wall options, we love this London-inspired antique brass sconce, delivering elegance and a warm light. For table light, our Aspen Lamp in grey and white brings an organic handmade feel to the space.  


Embrace art.

The much-loved Hamptons style grounded in neutral colours and natural materials — lends itself to many other aesthetic genres. Your art options can be coastal, farmhouse, or French provincial and still align with the rest of your Hamptons-inspired home. All are cosy, inviting, and give any home a warm and welcoming feel. Choose one as a simple statement piece, or build a corner gallery wall for a little more excitement.  

Image credit: Rosemarie Auberson 


Dress it in shelving & décor. 

If an armchair isn’t going to work in your corner, a good space-filling alternative is a shelf (although, sometimes this can be paired with your armchair, too). Whether you choose a wall shelf or small open sideboard, you can inject personality to your corner with décor. Dress your shelves in art, knick-knacks, vases, family mementos, travel finds, plants, and more. You can even use it for practical storage, like the homeowners below who show off their wine collection in a low-line bookcase.   

If you’re not sure how to decorate a shelf, we have a helpful how-to guide here.

Image credit: Dream Green DIY 


Bring the final touches. 

We’ve already spoken on the final touches a little bit, but don’t forget to tie it all together with cushions, vases, plants, and so on. Blankets or stylised magazines/coffee table books in a basket always look good — at the moment, we love Still: The Slow Home and Beautiful Beach Houses 

Remember to think about a balance of hues and textures, too. Finally, ensure your corner complements the rest of your room — consider the style and colour of your couch, bedspread, kitchen, drapery, or whatever else is present in the space. 


Speak with a home corner expert.  

You’re invited to browse our curated Hamptons-style collection as you start to decorate your corner. We have everything you need to create a balanced, elegant corner that can be beautiful as well as functional. And if you want personalised advise about any of the elements you see on our site, you can always email us on 

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