Styling with Faux Plants

by crystal lazaroo

Low maintenance, allergies or lack of natural light are all great reasons to invest in good quality faux- plants. While we always prefer the real-deal, sometimes it's just not possible. 


One of our favourite ways to fill an empty corner, is to create a moment with a beautiful pop of greenery. The bigger the better for instant wow factor and we always favour substance over quantity, for an crisp sophisticated look. Have fun and get creative with different planter options from stone to wicker baskets. Zinc or iron planters look great both indoors or outdoors so experiment with different styles and shapes to create that's just right for your home.


We've rounded up our go-to list of the best faux-plants in various favourite species and sizes. Shop this post or browse all faux-plants here.


Fiddle leaf's are still a popular choice and with good reason. Their big, wide, lush green leaves demand attention and make a wonderful focal point in living rooms or large entry spaces. 

Left to Right: Fiddle Leaf Grande, Fiddle Leaf Large, Fiddle Topiary, Fiddle Leaf Medium



Delicate leaves add intrigue to any corner of your home and we love seeing these in living rooms or bathrooms. Create a soft, relaxing atmosphere with these whimsy green additions.  
Left to Right: Willow Tree, Ginkgo Tree



Olive trees are the unicorn of indoor plants for their striking silver/green foliage. Real olive trees need a lot of sun and prefer to be outdoors, so we're thrilled to finally have some good faux olive trees for creating that photo-worthy space, no matter your interior style. Tree a hero Olive tree in a living room or smaller topiary style in a living or bathroom.

Left to Right: Olive Tree, Tall Olive Tree,  Olive Topiary



Famed the most hardy of interior plants, their shiny leaves draw the eye and have us choosing this one over and over again. Lush and full with great height, they take up a lot of visual weight and are the perfect choice for that sad corner in living or dining rooms.

Left to Right: Large Ficus,  Ficus Grande


Top styling tips with faux plants

  • Bend & Fluff. Open out the branches and fan out the leaves for a more realistic natural looking plant

  • Pay attention to scale. An empty corner calls for something tall and dramatic

  • Dust. Keep your faux (or real) plants in their best shape with a regular dust

  • Container. Potted plants look complete in almost any style planter. Choose a woven basket for added texture or stone pots looks chic against modern materials. Ceramics options add colour and pattern

  • Vary styles of plants and play with different heights especially when using multiple plants in a room. Pick your hero plant first



Greenery is a welcomed addition to any home and can complete transform a space and lift one's mood. We hope this post has inspired you to re-imagine using faux-plants and bring life to that boring corner or freshen up a room, especially if you're not blessed with a green thumb or natural light.

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