Working From Home: Office Essentials & Productivity Tips

by crystal lazaroo

During our season of COVID isolation, many of us have found ourselves working from home and the need to set up a dedicated home office has became a top priority.

We've put together our top 5 Working from Home: Office Essentials and a few key ideas to improve productivity in your new space.  

1. Desk- Finding a desk with a generous surface area plus storage is an added bonus. Timber desks add warmth to any working space and is our firm go-to piece. Try adding some gorgeous new hardware to a standard desk or up-cycling an old piece with a new coat of paint.


If you're interested in this desk, please email us here for more information. Shop DESKS here.

2. Comfortable chair- Comfort is such a personal thing, so finding something that works well for your needs is key. While we favour a more classic style chair, ergonomic chairs on wheels make frequent movement easy. Shop CHAIRS. Pictured is our Shelby chair- we love the carver profile and cane details- swoon!


3. Storage- We love both open and closed storage cabinets, bookcases and baskets to help keep our office spaces looking organised, functional and inspiring. Shop STORAGE and BOOKCASES.

4. Lamps- A good task lamp is a desk staple, especially for those late night 'after hours' deadlines. If you're primarily 9-5, opt for a table lamp for added personality. We love our Claremont Lamp as a statement piece or browse our range of LAMPS and find something you love.


5. Decorative accessories- Create a space that's truly inspiring and encourages productivity by adding some personality to your home office. A patterned cushion for added comfort, textured rug underfoot and art on your walls make plus chic desk accessories make working from home both functional and more enjoyable. Shop ART here.


Productivity Tips; Sharing our approach to working from home.

Dedicated Workspace: Whether you have an study or working from your dining table, creating a dedicated space for work will make the transition from work to home easier. Creating zones for work, especially in a shared space helps to structure the day and define working areas. 

Organise your space: Set the right tone and avoid overwhelm, by starting your day with a clean desk. Use trays to coral stationary and containers to store papers. 

Decorate your office: We love to add beautiful art to our walls especially if you don't have a window or the view is less than desirable. Art can lift your mood which enhances productivity. Art can be anything from framed from a favourite image or piece of fabric. I love the idea of a pin board in an office space to organise concepts, plan out events or simply reminisce about a fun memory or be inspired by dream holiday destination. 


Schedule your day: We've been using time blocking since the beginning of the year, and it's been a total game changer. We're all about doing more with less and working smarter. Working from home allows you the opportunity prioritise the top tasks for the day without distractions.

Bonus: You may want to see our latest (unedited) IGTV video of how we styled a cabinet for a home office. Some good tips in there. You can watch it here. 

We'd love to hear how you've been managing your productivity whilst working from home? Any tips to share? If you're looking to update your home office or start designing one from scratch, get in touch with our team here.  

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