Sustainability Policy

We Just Love Timber

At Rustic Charm Interiors, we believe timber is the most amazing material available to man. Timber is a sustainable, infinitely renewable resource. It is beautiful, easy to work with, re-usable and bio-degradable. Most of our products use reclaimed timber, some of which was first used in buildings over 300 years ago.

In addition to all these benefits, timber is a “carbon sink” or “carbon trap”. Trees ‘inhale’ Carbon Dioxide and ‘exhale’ Oxygen, trapping Carbon from the atmosphere in its woody tissue. The carbon which would normally be part of a greenhouse gas is now stored in the tree as wood. These factors make timber the most environmentally responsible material available today.

To ensure sustainability of this wonderful resource, we seek to use reclaimed timber whenever, and wherever possible. This not only reduces pressure on existing forests by reducing logging, but cuts out the most carbon intensive part of the timber supply-chain, the logging and transportation.

In addition, we monitor our supply-chain partners and manufacturers to ensure they are responsibly sourcing the timber used to make the beautiful products in our range.

Finally, we support organisations such as Tree 4 Trees™ that seek to replace every tree felled for furniture making, with 4 trees, thereby ensuring not only sustainability, but an increase in the resource over time.

You may see the good work done by Tree 4 Trees by clicking on the logo below.

Tree 4 Trees Org