A Collected Home

by Crystal Lazaroo

When the new year rolls around and Christmas is a distant memory, I search for inspiration to create new stylish vignette's.

In my experience, inspiration rarely arrives on time, but she is never late.

This year I made a vow to myself. To use more of my collections throughout my home. Precious or not, it doesn't matter, but I want to use them in unexpected ways and really elevate the everyday.

What do I collect?


  • Hurricanes & tea light holders
  • urns
  • Blue and white... everything
  • White jugs
  • Books (thanks to mum!)
  • Vintage trophies

Creation takes time and it evolves over many hours sometimes days and weeks, till I'm completely satisfied. It's a process that I love to get lost in. Since moving from Subiaco in 2012 I missed so much to just have creative play, that my home quickly become my showroom! It's such a delight to have family and friends visit and take time to marvel at a new vignette or pick up photo's in frames they haven't seen in a while. Many conversations that started with "I remember this" or "where did you get this?" lead into stories of fond memories. Telling a story is one of life's greatest joy!

Editing is also a process I've learned to embrace as I've gotten older and more confident to experiment with new ideas. Here's what I'm dreaming up...

Trophies & books. Winning combination- who knew? Trophy in the toilet? Too much?


Bring the outdoors in. Be bold with the use of urns and play with scale for maximum impact.

White jugs to hold utensils, baking utensils- brushes, mixer blades, rolling pins. 

More colour combination clashes: Blue (and white) and Green should never be seen- this is one rule that should always be broken. I plan to pot more real (or excellent faux) greenery in pretty blue and white pots and to use them as part of centre pieces. 


People often ask me where I purchased certain things from, and while 60% is from Rustic Charm Interiors, many beautiful pieces were purchased on holiday's (and suffocated in bubble wrap), antique stores, business trips (down hidden roads and corners), given generously as gifts, family heirlooms (my trophies are my grandfathers) or are re-purposed. I have beautiful growing collection of white opaque candle jars I re-purpose into cannisters to hold pens or make-up brushes.

Over time I noticed that shape played an important factor in what I collected. I'm consistently drawn to round, curvy shapes in various tones of whites, cream, silver, brass, clear and of course blue! My collections have evolved over time as they've been collected over time. Displaying them in unusual ways is what makes it unique.

There is only one rule I follow: Buy only what you truly love. Everything else will fall into place. Here's to a beautiful home!










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