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    The Essence of Hamptons Style

    The Hamptons, north of New York, is a famous summer getaway for the wealthy. It's known for its luxury and charm. This coastal area has inspired the 'Hamptons style' in interior design. It balances simplicity and elegance.

    Hamptons style uses natural materials and refined touches. It creates cozy, relaxed, and stylish spaces. Key materials include linen, cotton, sisal, and wool rugs. These add warmth and comfort, fitting the calm coastal vibe.

    In a Hamptons Style home, classic armchairs are paired with raw wooden furniture. This mix of textures creates a lovely contrast. For example, a soft linen armchair pairs well with a rustic wooden coffee table, adding comfort and charm.

    231 products
    Adler Dining Chair
    from $109.00
    Almeda Rug
    from $3,899.00
    Amalie 3 Drawer Bedside Table - White
    Amana Armchair
    small round white side table
    Anais Side Table
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    Anais Sideboard - Large
    Anais Sideboard in Black- Large
    Arched Iron Mirror
    Argyle Lake
    from $109.00
    Arles Demi Lune Console in Black
    Arles Demi Lune Console in Natural
    Arles Demi Lune Console in Weathered Oak
    Arles Demi Lune Console in White
    Arlo Armchair
    Bamboo Carver Chair
    Sale price $399.00 Regular price $549.00 Save $150
    Barley Twist Coffee Table - Herringbone Top
    Barley Twist Coffee Table Natural
    Barley Twist Coffee Table White
    Barley Twist Console- Three Drawers
    Barley Twist Console- Two Drawers
    Bayview Armchair
    Beach House Coffee Table
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    Sold Out
    Beach House Dining Table
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    Belcourt TV Media Unit
    Bordeaux Console
    Bridgeport TV Media Unit
    Brooks Dining Chair
    Bungalow Chair
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    Cabot Bedside Table with Black Hardware
    Cabot Bedside Table with Gold Hardware
    Cabot Console
    from $129.00
    Chippendale Carver in Black
    Chippendale Carver in Navy
    Chippendale Carver in White
    Chippendale Stool in White
    Claremont Bookcase - Grey
    from $5,499.00
    Claremont Bookcase - Navy & White
    from $5,499.00
    Claremont Bookcase - Polar White
    from $5,499.00

    Key Elements and Materials

    Rattan accessories are also key in Hamptons Style. Items like woven baskets and rattan chairs add natural texture, while elegant glass vases bring a touch of sophistication. People love this style's mix of light and dark, soft and hard.

    This design approach allows a mix-and-match look that feels curated yet casual. A Hamptons Style living room might have cotton sofas, sisal rugs, and wooden pieces. Together, they create a stylish, welcoming space. A Hamptons Style bedroom might feature white linens, a woven headboard, and soft throws. This creates a tranquil, luxurious feel.

    In summary, Hamptons Style furniture combines natural materials and elegant touches. It creates sophisticated and inviting spaces, whether for the living room, dining room, bedroom, or outdoor spaces. Hamptons style offers a timeless, elegant look.

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