5 things I learnt while travelling

by Crystal Lazaroo

Famous words by Lao Tzu “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” have never seemed more appropriate than over the last 4 weeks of our buying trip. We have scoured the globe, attended 2 furniture trade fairs to discover beautiful new products.  And we were not disappointed! We found many (too many) gorgeous new products, visited far-flung factories to meet with our suppliers and eaten fabulous food. The pace and routine of a buying trip is fast, exciting, inspiring, exhausting and very rewarding.

 5 things I learnt about travelling whilst on our recent buying trip to Singapore, China & Malaysia.
  • Beauty surrounds us. From the abundance of greenery everywhere we looked to bursts of colour reflected in historic buildings to local cuisine. There is beauty in the faces of many that pass us by, beauty in the design of a bustling city and of course beauty in the products we saw (and bought!).
  • Inspiration overload. Leaving home (and country) really allows you the opportunity to focus on other things. Dreams are plentiful when you get the chance to change your daily routine.
  • Design is never done! And thank goodness for that! Year after year we are constantly blown away by the process of design, new collections released and evolving (through colour and texture) of our wonderful creative suppliers.
  • Fresh air & blue skies are not over-rated! Simple things we take for granted are a rarity in some countries. I vow to spend more time in nature… starting with our back garden.
  • Home is home. Whilst being away has its own fun and adventure, there is nothing like coming home to the blessings in your own life.


Here's to a beautiful home!

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