3 Simple Things You Can do to Uplift Your Space

by Rustic Charm

The birds are singing, the sun is (mostly) out, and spring cleaners this side of the southern hemisphere are waving their dusters in delight. It’s spring, and with spring comes that seasonal motivation to get out in the garden, clear out the house, do some DIY or home renovations and refresh living spaces for the summer months ahead.

While DIY and home renos may be on the cards for some, for the budget-conscious or time poor it may simply not be an option. So, with that fresh spring cleaning vibe in the air, we’ve put together 3 quick (and cost-effective) ways you can spruce up your space, easily!

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1. Clear the clutter with a house sweep

Look to places that attract clutter like a magnet: kitchen benches, hall tables, fridge tops, dresser tops - you know your home’s hot spots! Go around – or “sweep” - your home with a laundry basket, piling all this clutter (papers, pens, receipts, keys, coins, random items, pieces of lego, you know the “stuff”) into it as you go. Take it somewhere central like the dining room table and dump it all there.

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Then, sift through anything dated, broken or unneeded than can be binned and bin it! Return any leftover items to their rightful home (e.g. coins to the piggy bank, papers to the designated file in the office, etc.) and voila: instant house refresh in under 10 minutes.


2. Invest in a beautiful home scent 

Whether you prefer diffusing essential oils, burning a candle or letting a reed diffuser do all the work, investing in a gorgeous fragrance for your home not only feels luxurious, but creates a warm, homely ambiance you’ll love coming home to time and time again.  

Scent is one of our senses that really strikes a chord to create mood and feelings of nostalgia, and is the perfect element to integrate for an instant space refresh. Guests will recognize it instantly upon entering your home, too. 

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3. Invite the outdoors in

What better way to invigorate and instantly refresh a space than to adorn it with some fresh foliage? While living plants might be your forte, if you don’t happen to have a particularly “green thumb”, or your space is low on natural light, faux plants might be your best bet. 

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Fake plants certainly aren’t what they used to be (think tacky synthetic floral arrangements from the 90’s), but, it’s important to shop around to find a quality faux plant that not only looks real in its leaf, stems and trunk, but suits your space’s theme and size, and stands the test of time keeping with a quality “real” look. 


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To discover a world of stunning, quality fake foliage that no one (even you!) will believe they’re not living, fresh plants, view our collection of faux plants and see the difference for yourself.  


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