6 Ways with Indoor Plants

by Crystal Lazaroo

Pantone's Colour of the Year is Greenery! And what a perfect way to start our first blog post of the year, than to pay homage to this fresh, vibrant & inspiring colour.

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways (next to paint) to give your home an instant update and injection of life is to bring the outdoors in. 

There is one rule I adhere to when selecting indoor plants. Less is more! Select feature plants to add height and dimension to an open-plan living area or smaller variety to introduce texture and interest. Following this simple rule will give you a cohesive and considered approach when decorating with indoor plants. 

Here are our top 6 plants to decorate your home. Enjoy!

1) Fiddle-leaf fig tree.

Perfect green cabbage-like leaves make this our ultimate plant to use in decorating your home interior. this tree looks equally pleasing in either rattan baskets or plain white planters. We love the versatility of this plant- looks fabulous as topiary (just pick the bottom leaves off) or abundant au-naturale. There are realistic faux versions available if your green thumb is a little off colour! Contact us for more details. 


Image source: 1, 2

2) Olive Trees

Perched on a window sill, the wispy-like foliage will breathe life into any kitchen or living room. Ideal for smaller spaces. Plant in a zinc planter to compliment their green-grey leaves for urban chic look or terracotta pot for a more earthy country style.


Image source: 1, 2

3) Banana Palms

Dramatic and dynamic is the Banana Palm. They work well in large open areas, and can give scale and height to any room. We love them in blue and white china pots with moss exposed on the soil, or in larger planters in a solid mono-chromatic colour palette. This palm looks particularly welcoming flanking a set of doors, or solo in the corner of a living room, as pictured. 


Source image: 1, 2

4) Maiden Hair Ferns

Often associated with grandmothers, these delicate beauties have made a huge come back and can be seen in the most stylish of homes. Soft ethereal-like sprigs of greenery add texture and dimension to clinical bathrooms and look equally welcoming on a coffee table. We love them potted in blue and white ceramic pots, or traditional terracotta. For a clean look try planting them in a glass vase- soil exposed- can look quite creative especially in bathrooms. 


Image source: 1, 2

 5) Myrtle Topiaries

Topiaries add  formal elegance to any interior space and look good when grouped together. Though they can be hard to find, boxwood varieties are a pretty substitute and more hardy. A good choice for those you favour symmetry in their design. A simple potted plant is inviting when placed on a side table or console. Experiment with locations, as the faux varieties transition well to almost every room in the house!


Image source 1, 2

6) Potted Orchid




A potted orchid is an interior staple, especially in classic style homes. These hardy orientals look best when en mass, either planted in a clam shell with live moss, in a glass vase or lantern. They look particularly elegant in a urn-shape vessel. 

Image source: 1, 2, 3


Indoor plants create a softness and add life to your home. Whether a statement plant is in order to fill a corner, or introducing texture to your coffee table, indoor plants (or orchids) inject character and warmth to any home. Visit your local nursery this weekend to pick up your favourite plant and some handy tips! What's your favourite indoor plant to decorate with? Let us know if the comment section below. 

Here's to a beautiful home!


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