Christmas Decorating

by Crystal Lazaroo


In our home, decorating for Christmas begins at the door. I love to hang 2 large wreaths, changing the theme slightly from year to year. This year my colour scheme is: White & Green, with sparkles of silver and gold. Last year was red and very traditional and this year I was after something fresh and clean. A real green wreath would look so, but given our warm climate it’s not always a practical option.  My tip here is to buy once and buy quality. Choose a wreath that is full and lush that you can add simple decorations to make it more personal. I’ve had my simple pine wreaths for almost 6 years and they still look good!


Nativity Scene. This has symbolic meaning for us, and always takes centre stage in our entry. It’s a great focal point sparking interest from all who visit our home during this festive season. My mum gifted my sisters and I the same nativity scene, adding to our collection each Christmas. It’s something that we all cherish and connects us with this special time of year. I also love the fact that each family has the same scene to pass down to the next generation. #welovetraditions

Table Setting. I start this early, leaving me plenty of time to create a vignette I’m really happy with. It’s such a fun and creative experience and often helps to set the tone for our Christmas party. It’s also nice to enjoy meals at a beautifully decorated table. Much more pretty to look at than a TV! We'll be posting a video on our tablescape next week, so be sure to check it out in our Instagram stories.



I like to add decorations throughout the home to spread the Christmas cheer. It doesn’t have to be much, a simple bowl filled with decorations and greenery look beautiful without over taking the home. A coffee or side table is the perfect place to add a little festive touch. Other places which deserve festive cheer include Fireplace mantle, staircase and kitchen. Be inspired by these easy ideas.








The Tree. The tree is the final piece de la resistance, and the last thing we decorate. Usually with carols or a Christmas movie playing in the background. We always have a faux tree, though one year I plan to try a real tree, just for the experience. My only suggestion is to have more lights than you think you need. Twinkle lights- warm white only please, make the tree come to life and create a sense of magic. Christmas trees are so personal. Some people love to have a well-coordinated tree (myself included) while others adore home-made ornaments and encourage little ones to get involved, whichever method reigns in your home make it as fun as possible. Wishing you and your families a joyful and safe Christmas season.



Here's to a beautiful (and festive) home!

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