Guestroom ready: The Ultimate Guide

by Crystal Lazaroo

Host family & friends this holiday season and welcome their stay with everyday comforts of home. Read our guide to creating the Ultimate Guest Bedroom, just in time for the holidays. 

Step One: Choose a theme and style. A popular look for a guest bedroom is to create a hotel-esque vibe. Who doesn't love a few nights stay at a hotel? A guest bedroom isn't a space you decorate often so it's important to choose pieces that will remain timeless. Consider a neutral colour palette that'll appeal to both men, women and kids. Shop All Beds & Bedheads here.

Step Two: List the essentials. Make a list of the essential you'll need to create your guest bedroom. A Bed or Bedhead, Bedside Tables, Chair or Bench and Lamps. Shop Armchairs here.

Step Three: Add personality through Artwork, decor accessories & tactile layers of comfort found in rugs and linens. Shop Artwork here. Shop Rugs here.

Where to splurge and where to save? Customers often ask us about the key pieces that make the biggest impact in decorating a home. Where to save or splurge can vary room to room, however in the example of a guest bedroom, a space which may only get used a few times a year, we recommend splurging on a good mattress and quality linens. Statement lighting and a wool rug make a room feel complete. 


A bedroom chair meets our guest-room essential status for the comfort and value it can provide. Creating a comfortable reading nook to enjoy in the privacy of their own space plus a practical space to put on shoes! A bench at the end of the bed can be useful for storing shoes, blankets, toiletries or extra linens. Add a few baskets under a bench to help contain items. 



A few extra tips to ensure your guests feel welcomed and relaxed throughout their stay.

  • Lamps (check the bulbs) are essential. Scones are great options for guest bedrooms, especially if space on a bedside is limited 
  • Fill a small basket with essentials like soaps, lotions and towels. Styled under the bench looks sweet and saves on space too!
  • Install decorative hooks as a statement piece on an empty wall, behind doors or inside wardrobe doors to allow your guests plenty of 'hanging' space for their everyday items and handbags
  • Scour thrift shops for a statement mirror for a personalised touch
  • A small collection of books or magazines by the bedside is a thoughtful gesture
  • Fresh flowers or greenery (for those allergic) add a cheerful touch
  • A scented candle adds a welcoming touch to your guest space or spritz a linen spray before their arrival
  • Store extra seasonal blankets in cupboards or baskets for your guests to help themselves
  • Less is more. Don't over-make the bed with extra pillows and cushions. We favour one long lumbar cushion for approach or two squares for a more traditional look.
  • Art. Display art which is casual and not too personal. Landscapes or photography (of landscapes) work particularly well in guest bedrooms. We love to style art above the bed or casually leaning on a bedside 


Lastly, go the extra mile and iron your freshly laundered linens. Attention to detail that your guests will surely appreciate. Happy hosting!


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