How to match the your dining Table + Chairs

by Crystal Lazaroo
Finding the right dining chairs to match your table (or vice versa) can seem like an impossible task, but once you get it right it can completely transform your dining room, making mealtimes together even more special.
We’ve created 4 tips (with examples) to help you discern the right mix and match selections for curating your dream dining room. 

No. 1 | Tone & Material

Wood tones can be identified as warm, cool or neutral. Materials like fabric, leather, metal, woven plastics or paper cord, all add texture and interest to your dining space. For a unified look and feel, choose tables and chairs in a similar wood tone, or if you're after something more dynamic and tonally well-balanced, mix (not match) the dining chair tones & materials with the timber tone of the dining table. 

Below: The Hamptons oak dining chairs & Classic Farmhouse dining table below are not an 'exact' match, however they are both neutral in tone and work together beautifully to create a look that is casual, timeless, warm and inviting. 

No. 2 | Shape & Visual Weight

When matching tables & chairs, contrast the visual weight and shape of your dining chairs. Choose substantial chairs for end chairs, such as carvers or solid upholstered pieces to balance the overall look. Vary shapes with curved backs or rounded frames to help balance the angular lines of a rectangle dining table and robust table bases. 


Image source:  Lindye Galloway &  Home | 

No. 3 | Size Matters

When creating your dream dining room, consider both the size of your space and if your dining room is open-plan or closed concept.
Take into consideration the various finishes and shapes within your dining room and how the relate to the adjacent rooms, like a kitchen or living room. Incorporate different material and textures in your stools or chairs to balance the other finishes in near-by spaces. 
You may decide on metal stools and reserve wood tones for the dining room or if using wooden counter stools, select woven or fabric seating for your dining room.  Create a harmonious flow and ample space with the perfect size table and chairs for smaller areas. Round tables are forgiving and ideal for cosy corners or open dining spaces, allowing guests to move freely.
Inage Source:  Chris Loves Julia | Love Where You Live - Chris Loves Julia  |  Ada Modern Classic — Jean Stoffer Design

No. 04 | Table and Style

Consider the style and shape of your table. These two things will help inform your decision to either mix-or-match your chairs, as well as the shape of chairs you decide.

Mixed and matched seating works better for casual rectangular tables while round tables speak to a continuous flow, so it's best to keep the chairs unified. Create a formal traditional look by pairing side chairs together with carvers (chairs with arms) in the same style.

Mix in upholstered dining chairs with different shapes for a more collected-over-time look.

Looking to make a change to your current dining room? Perhaps consider switching out your end chairs for something more substantial for a completely updated and fresh look. We suggest our Chippendale Carvers, Henry, Kensington or Laurent chairs.

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