How to mix patterns in your home

by Rustic Charm

The ability to mix patterns like a pro in your home can bring your space from zero to hero. You might not immediately think you’re into patterns, but the truth is, even if you prefer a minimalist style, there are patterns everywhere. In the vein of your marble splash back, in the speckle of your bathroom counter, or the grains in your wooden floors. These are all natural patterns you can use to complement your space with other prints in your décor — wall paper, cushions, rugs, fabric couches, and so on. 

When you master mixing patterns, you can totally change the energy of a room. So, here are four ways you can do just that.

Sourced from Pinterest.                Sourced from Pinterest


1. Blend detailed and simple patterns

Obviously, patterns come in all shapes and sizes. Doubling up on the same pattern can look pretty overwhelming. For example, if you have chevron quilt on your bed, stay away from chevron cushions. Instead, try pairing a small and highly detailed floral print with a wide-set stripe. Or a minimalist textured cushion with a metallic finish one.  

Remember, “pattern” doesn’t always mean “print”! Patterns are also found in neutral textures — a beautiful woven blanket is a pattern by design, even if it’s just one colour. Similarly, your mirror frame can be a geometric pattern (like this one).  

Sourced form Pinterest


2. Consider your colour use  

Your colour choice can go one of two ways. You can opt for similar colours (e.g. all cool tones blue and green patterns), or choose contrasting (e.g. a yellow cushion on your blue couch). Similar tones are a safer way to blend patterns — most people are drawn to this colour choice if they’re new to mixing patterns. However, contrasting will create a much more dynamic and dimensional space.  

A good way to choose contrasting colours is to first pick a pattern with at least three colours. For example, let’s say you have a rustic fades-style rug that predominately blue and cream with tinges of orange. Now, you can pull the orange out of that rug by choosing a mainly orange patterned cushion for your couch. Voila!


3. Stay balanced

Stick to a max of three or four different patterns for a single room. Patterns are pretty powerful and can quickly invigorate a room, but too many will look messy and haphazard. Even though we’re changing things up with patterns and prints, the room still needs to look balanced and overall be a calming space. A good way to keep the peace is by throwing in a few solid colours that pull from your prints.  

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4. Trust your gut

It’s good to push yourself with your décor style, but if something doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t. Mixing patterns is tricky to teach because not all pattern combinations will work for every room — or everyone’s taste. In the majority of cases, it comes down to trial and error as you find the combinations you love. 

Have fun, and good luck! 

Sourced form Pinterest

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