How to Prep Your Home for Summer

by Rustic Charm

With summer comes the inevitable and highly anticipated BBQ and entertaining season. It’s also the time of year where family & friends come to stay, and your home may start to resemble a guest house. Of course, with this comes the need to create functional spaces that are also beautiful and comfortable for your guests to kick back with a cold drink and really enjoy their stay – whether it be a simple BBQ or week-long visit.

Here are our top 8 picks for prepping your home for the summer season.

Tend to the Lawn

Fertilize that lawn, set those sprinklers (according to any watering restrictions, of course!), get mowing and trimming and watch your lawn flourish. Nothing says “Aussie backyard in summer” more than a lush patch of lawn begging for some barefoot bowls or backyard cricket.

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Get Gardening

If lawn’s not your thing or you don’t have space or you have turf down instead, be sure to tend to the plants you do have, giving them a good weed, appropriate fertilize and watering for the warmer days. Your plants will love you for it and help you create a leafy backyard oasis you and your visitors will love hanging out in.


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Add Style with a Sun Lounger

Adding a beat of sophistication to any backyard, sun loungers are no longer only reserved for poolside reclining. Perfect positioned under trees or in a lush garden, sun loungers are the ideal statement piece which are a super-comfy way to add resort vibes and help kick-start “happy hour” on the weekend.

Source: RH


Invest in a Quality Outdoor Dining Setting

Nothing beats functional, stylish, and quality outdoor dining setting when it comes to entertaining alfresco style. Comfort and quality are paramount in the choice of an outdoor dining setting, ensuring you and your guests hang around at the table long after the entrée, main and dessert has been served.




Update your Lighting

Adding up lights shining into your trees, or perhaps some strategically placed outdoor sconce lighting in your patio area can create a really inviting ambiance to your back area. We love outdoor rated festoon lighting strew above a dining or lounge space for the ultimate backyard appeal.


Source: Country Living

Check the Gas

Of the BBQ, that is! Running to the service station to swap a bottle of gas just before guests arrive is not ideal, and even worse is if the gas runs out mid-barbecue! If you barbecue often, be sure to regularly check your gas bottle is full, or perhaps consider having a backup one on rotation OR getting a bayonet installed and running your BBQ off your gas mains – even better!

Source: The Tab

Add Comfort with Cushions

Or should we say comfort and style. A simple way to enhance the look of your outdoor area, cushions can be scattered on sun loungers, outdoor lounge settings, and even piled on the floor for a relaxed, coastal look.


Roll Out an Outdoor Rug

Tie furniture together, whilst helping separate sitting areas with a beautiful outdoor rug. For instance, by placing one under the dining setting, and then another in front of the outdoor lounge area, you’ll help create separate “spaces” which all tie in nicely together, an added aesthetic element to boost your backyard appeal.


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