How to mix & match cushions like a Pro! + Our Favourite Cushion Combinations

by crystal lazaroo

A few weeks ago we launched our new Cushion Collection. Our subscribers got a first look and we've already helped a few lovely customers find their new favourite cushion combinations. 



With so many different cushions on the market, trying to figure out which patterns and sizes work together can be overwhelming so we wanted to share a few pro-tips to help make this decision easier.


We've taken out the guess work and curated our TOP 10 LOOKS for effortless combinations that work every.single.time. Let's dive right in!



  1. Always choose feather inserts one size smaller than your cover,  and give your cushions a fuller look.

  2. Choose a mix of cushion sizes & combination of shapes and style with odd numbers. Repeat a cushion size for balance and harmony.

  3. Organic print; Choose a print with an organic element such as leaves or floral patterns. Something inspired by nature such as birds, or waves etc.

  4. Geometric; Balance your organic print with a bold geometric pattern. Stripes, grids, checks or geometric shapes which have a repeated pattern, juxtapose nicely with the organic print.

  5. Scale; Choose a cushion with contrasting scale, something really small or large in scale, just be sure it contrast with the geometric and organic patterns. 


Cushions are such a simple and effective way to make a big impact and refresh a space. They add colour, pattern and personality to any room, the final layer to a well styled bed or sofa. All our cushions come complete with both cover and feather insert, so you're ready to style right away! All designs are hand-blocked (mostly on linen) giving them a unique craftsman quality, adding so much depth and character to your home. Shop our full cushion collection here.



There are so many different combinations of various shapes and sizes which can look great in any space. One rule of thumb we like to lead with, is to keep things simple. A combination of both shapes (square & rectangle) in various sizes will make your space more interesting, inviting and look always pulled together. Don't forget to use the 'magic of odd numbers' in your combinations. A few special cushions with a pretty hand-blocked pattern can make all the difference to a room especially when mixing in solid colours. 


Bed: We suggest either one long patterned lumbar or two matching 50x50 with once contrasting lumbar in front for an effortless look. 


Sofa: Depending on your sofa size, we suggest one large 60x60 and one 45x45 in one corner, followed by one 60x60 and either one 50x50 or one lumbar in the opposite corner. Be sure to repeat at least one size (60x60) and one pattern for balance and harmony



Bench: A single 50x50 paired with a contrasting lumbar on one corner looks so inviting and leaves plenty of space when in use to sit.


Remember to have fun! Don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns, styles and sizes for a truly layered, lived-in look. If you're feeling overwhelmed by options and choice, please get in touch. We'd love to help you select something special and unique for your home. Email us at , we look forward to hearing from you.


We've curated 10 FAVOURITE CUSHION COMBINATIONS (with links) for an effortless look with a distinct coastal & classic look. Which one is your favourite? Comment below, we'd love to know. 



Left to Right: Krabi Guava, Java Musk, Scopello Musk

Left to Right: Riviera Musk, Krabi Musk, Cadiz Musk

Left to Right: Krabi Guava, Pasadena Celadon, Cadiz Musk


Left to Right: Lapis Cushion, Cosmati Indigo, Rosetta Denim

Left to Right: Havana Cushions, Floral Lapis, Faro Dusk

Left to Right: Lapis, Mondello, Scopello Indigo


Left to Right: Harbour, Granada Moss, Tangier Indigo

Left to Right: Cosmati Indigo, Granada Moss, Scopello Indigo


Left o Right: Owando Wave, Pyramid Celadon, Montenegro Celadon

Left to Right: Zedar Celadon, Arles Celadon, Fez Celadon



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