How to style like a Pro!

by crystal lazaroo

Have you ever wondered how to style your home like a professional stylist? A good stylist not only makes a space look magazine-worthy but also liveable, slightly more elevated than the ordinary everyday.


Discover the best 8 items that make styling like a pro possible & easy to replicate. Learn our simple tips & tricks to make styling fun and take away the mystery. 

Firstly, let's talk about the value of styling your home;

1) Styling adds so much charm, personality and character to your home. It's what makes a home unique and memorable; setting it apart from the next.

2) Styling objects in a creative way to tell a story (known as vignette), offers a beautiful focal point within in space.

3) Creating vignettes help you to appreciate your favourite things in a more meaningful way. A souvenir from a recent trip or a collection of handmade pottery or pretty textiles

4) Styling makes your home interesting and sparks much joy! 

As you begin to create a catalogue of styling items, creating new vignettes will become easier and infinitely more fun!  Plus it's always nice to move things around  for a fresh look and all of these items are interchangeable throughout the seasons and spaces within your home. 

1) Books. Stack books horizontally on a console or coffee table to create varying height in your styling. Height adds depth and dimension to a space and can be as tall or short as needed. Books add personality to your home and can be a great way to incorporate colour.


Style Tip: Rotate your collection of coffee table books or favourite home design magazines (by month) for seasonal inspiration.


2) Trays. Another great layer in your styling repertoire. Trays contain items on the kitchen counter, coffee or console table with groupings of 3 or 5 more being the magic number. Trays help to keep a space look organised, but with a personal sense of style at the forefront. Trays can be used in every single room of the house, so start building a small collection of varying sizes and styles. We love textured rattan or woven tray in larger spaces such as laundry, living room or kitchen. Metallics are a fun addition come Christmas time. 

Style Tip: Platters or small plates can double up as trays and be used for pot plants or pillar candles. 



3) Floral & Greenery. Bringing the outdoors in and make the everyday more special. Flowers add life, drama and colour to a space and greenery is adds freshness and life to any space. Florals and greenery brings a space to life anda little greenery sprinkled throughout your home lifts your spirits too. Try incorporating orchids or natives for longer lasting blooms with beautiful structure. Create drama in a living room or kitchen island with oversized greenery. A small sprig or single flower looks great in a bathroom or bedside. 


Style Tip: Use bud vases displayed together to give the illusion of one floral arrangement at a fraction of the cost! Looks great when styled on a mantle or ledge.


4) Glassware & CeramicsA collection of glassware including votives, hurricane vases, clear vases for arrangements are essential to making styling fun & easy to do. Simple clear vases and decorative votives can be layered anywhere in the home time and time again. When choosing the next piece to add to your collection, consider a new shape or texture such as cut-crystal or ribbed detail to give visual interest to a vignette. Add pieces of varying sizes to give height to your styling.

Style Tip: Use a single votive to create ambient mood in a bedroom or bathroom or display en masse on a larger surface such as dining table or coffee table for a special occasion. 


Ceramics bring a wonderful tactile hand-made quality to your mix of styling accessories. Consider a combination of materials, types and finishes from glazed, textured stone, smooth plaster or terracotta to elevate your styling game. Ceramic vessel look great on their own especially on a mantle, in a bookshelf or even on a dining table. A pretty bowl can double as a mixing bowl and look equally beautiful on a kitchen shelf. 

Style Tip: Use a pretty dish as a catchall for keys by your entry console or by your bedside for jewelry. A footed bowl with fresh produce by the stove not only looks great, but may even inspire a new recipe! 



5) Collected Pieces. Collected pieces tell a story of your favourite adventures. Inject personality and add layers of worldly patina when displayed through your bookshelves, on a console or coffee table. A great conversation starter and a visual reminder that travel will soon be on the cards again!

Style Tip: Include pieces of different materials such as timber & ceramic. Consider displaying a treasured collection en masse for a gallery-like approach to styling. 



6) Cushions & Throws. We've combined this powerhouse duo of soft furnishings as an essential layer to styling. Building a collection of cushions in various sizes is a great way to refresh a space for a new season. Mixing cushions sizes gives you greater flexibility so you can transition from living to bedroom with ease. Cushions & Throws create a cosy, lived-in feeling and add tactile texture, pattern or help to tie together colour within a space. 

Style Tip: Use feather inserts one size smaller to the cushion cover for a fuller, plumped up look. Muted tones in throws make them interchangeable.


7) Art. We love to add Art all throughout the home. Art has so many benefits from lifting one's mood to adding personality and colour to a room. We love to display Art in kitchens, laundries or powder rooms for something a little unexpected and fun. Discover more unexpected places to display Art here. Fill an empty corner with something sculptural such as a plinth topped with potted greenery or a classical style bust or urn. Transform your space with Art on your walls, or use larger scaled prints to help balance a space, fill up blank walls and build a collection that's unique to you.Shop our Art Collection here


Style Tip: Lean Art in bookcases, console or bedside table for a casual look that's easily interchangeable. Layer a small piece of Art in front of a larger one for a modern approach to styling.


8) Candles. Scented & non-scented candles are the final essential. Candles bring a sensory quality to any space and create mood. When used to style a vignette, candles represent a low height level and work well in console or coffee table styling. Plain pillar candles used in hurricanes help to dress up any tablescape, tealights in votive holders add a little sparkle wherever  you need them.

Style Tip: Use a scented candle or votives in guests bathrooms when entertaining, for soft ambient light.


We hope this post leaves you feeling encourages, inspired and confident to style your home this Spring Season. A great place to start is in your entryway. Shop your home for styling pieces and have fun!

Do you have any questions or comments about this post? We'd love to hear from you. Till next time, here's to a beautiful home!

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