Interior Design Trends to try in 2023

by Crystal Lazaroo


Credit: Pinterest

Our love for Classic & Timeless home design runs deep, though it's always fun to see what new trends are in for 2023. Read on as we dive into Our Top 6 Design Trends we're loving this year. 


Bold colours of marble; greens, purples & even pinks with distinguished veining are making a statement especially in powder rooms either as a splash back or sink. Try this less permanent look at home with a marble vessel or plinth stand in a colour that's bold and striking. Make it a feature! 

Credit: Pinterest

2) MOODY HUES. Deeper, more saturated colours that envelop a space giving it a sense of cosy and dark interiors will get more play this year. We'd love to try this trend in a small space- such as a pantry, powder room or even a home office. Deep blues, charcoals and greens get our vote!


Credit: Studio McGee & Homey Oh My 

3) NOSTALGIA CHIC. Vintage or heirloom pieces passed down from generation to generation make a revival. We're wanting more substance and personality in our spaces. No more cookie-cutter homes that all look the same, instead we're embracing this trend through displaying our travel mementos, scouring vintage markets (or Facebook Marketplace) for that special one-off piece! Consider adding a vintage textile through a rug, framed art piece or cushion for a less permanent way to try this trend at home. Instantly transform your home and give it personality.


4) ARCHES & ALCOVES. Craving more cozy in our homes, we're drawn to spaces with organic shapes and arches deliver. Furniture and accessories with curves, arched doors and entry ways are having their moment. Consider adding more curves to your home through a rounded ottoman, niche or be bold and make a statement through an entry door or shower screen/door. 

Credit: Pinterest



Credit: IDCO Collective, Rustic Charm, Three Birds Renovation.

5) DESIGNER DINING ROOMS. We're craving for our dining spaces to be more and just table and chairs. We're looking forward to hosting dinner parties and creating a memorable experience for us and our guests. A great way to show some love to your dining space, is through wallpaper, moody light fixture, statement dinnerware and super comfortable plush dining chairs!



Credit: Studio McGee & Amber Interiors

6) WONDERFUL WALLPAPER. Wallpaper has the amazing power to transform any room. Similarly, to paint, wallpaper can create interest, pattern and texture in the smallest of spaces and beyond. From bold designs to intricate patterns there is no wall too small to wallpaper. In a small space such as a powder room or laundry or entry, you can afford to be bold with your choice. In recent years, we've seen more designers using wallpaper on the ceilings, which is a great way to add interest in a kids bedroom or guest room on a budget. Do you have wallpaper in your home? 



Credit: Pinterest, Kate Walker Designs & Karin Bohn Interiors

Are you planning on trying any of these trends for 2023? Have any of these trends piqued your interest enough to try them in your home? Share your comments and ideas in comment section. 

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