Set up your Spaces for Well-being

by crystal lazaroo

Our summer holidays are behind us and back to work/school routines commenced; let's make the time to set up our work spaces for success & well-being this year. 

With working from home still on the horizon for the foreseeable future, it's important to cultivate a little WFH (Work from Home) space, that's set up for maximum productivity while nurturing our well-being. 

         We've been WFH since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, and found a few key ideas that really helped get the most of our work days; making our home office a place of inspiration & productivity. 


1. Clear the clutter. Starting the year with a clean slate is a great feeling and while most of us start out with good intentions, we've discovered the key to maintaining a stress free home environment, is to have good storage.

Having good storage saves so much time and energy; when everything has a home, the days flow smoothly. You'll feel instantly more professional and productive when you can access what you need, exactly when you need it.

Smart storage will help you organise a space and keep it organised, especially important if you're sharing a WFH space. A simple Bookcase, Buffet or Cabinet is the ultimate storage solution for your home office, housing everything from files to books, while looking intentionally organised & put together. 

Styling Tip: Use décor pieces to store office supplies. Rattan tray to hold printer paper or document files, glass jars to hold pens, create your own desk caddy with a decorative tray for everything you need within reach. 


2. Personalize to accessorize. Create a unique WFH desk situation by adding personal touches to your space. Hang a piece of Art or layer smaller pieces throughout the space. Frame a fun memory to keep you encouraged and add pretty vessel to coral stationery. A vase of fresh flowers or pot of greenery go a long way and is an instant mood booster! Consider painting your space in colour that makes you happy.


Our new favourite office accessory is a pin board. It provides so much inspiration and has become a wonderful tool for increasing productivity. In our line of work, its easy to get distracted. Targeted images help spark creativity and we help us visualise upcoming new releases and deadlines. Try your hand with this DIY Pin board here.


Styling Tip: Hang inspiring Artwork above your desk if you're without a view. 


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3. Creature Comforts. One of the greatest things about working from home, is that you can layer level of comforts to fully engage your senses. A good playlist keeps your mood elevated, while a coy blanket for cooler days or fragrant candle really up your WFH game. Studies have shown that the more senses you engage, the more peaceful, calm and happy you'll feel.

If you're WFH all day, then a good chair is an essential tax write-off, considering adding a pretty cushion for more cosy comfort. Table lamps not only provide a source of light, especially for winter months, but a beautiful statement lamp will instantly elevate your office desk and create an infinitely more welcoming space. 

Styling Tip: Surround yourself with useful + pretty décor items, like a water carafe and glass to keep you hydrated till lunch or stack some design books under your lamp for a quick visual refresh. 


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We think it's safe to say that work may never quite look the same as many companies have incorporated some form of WFH as part of their 'new normal'. This change can have such a positive effect on our families, improve our work/life balance and productivity, so why not make your home office a place of inspiration and comfort? Here's to 2022 and embracing WFH!

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