Styling a coffee table

by Rustic Charm



Styling a coffee table is our favourite way to show off a little personality. It makes a large horizontal space feel polished and functional. We've created some useful tips on how to style your own magazine-worthy coffee table!

Corner Connection: Create small groupings of objects in each of the four corners of the table giving equal visual weight given to each grouping. Coffee table books are a great base foundation to recreate this look. This example works best on square coffee tables, like our St Barts (as pictured). See our Instagram video for more on this approach. 


Long and Linear: Go with a simple, streamlined look that runs lengthwise down the centre of the table (with a larger grouping in the centre flanked by two smaller groupings). We suggest a pretty floral arrangement or greenery as a focal point and build outwards. Browse our collection of rectangle coffee tables here.


Contained Chaos: Arrange your vignette on trays to confine everyday items, such as remotes, coasters, magazines. A tray makes everything look neater and more polished.

Accessory Attention: Choose one large, eye-catching display and place it in the centre of the table as your statement piece. We also like to include sculptural pieces on top of books as a thoughtful and interesting way to complete your display. Our go-to favourites are; wooden tray or bowl, beads, object d'art, a bowl of matches, glass or decorative box. 



  • Tray. Varying sizes and textures help to add layers of interest to the tabletop.
  • A scented candle is a must-have accessory to any coffee table. We like to add extra votives or a lantern when the mood calls. A pretty blue dish for matches looks chic! 
  • Florals or Greenery add colour and texture. Adding an organic element helps to keep things looking fresh.
  • Coffee Table Books. A solid foundation to build height in your styling plus a great conversation piece. 
  • Decorative accents anchor a stack of books and add interest.  
  • Bowls or boxes are great accessories which help to corral or hide remotes, matches and coasters.


Once you have all your accessories, play around with your groupings till you have it just right. We like to organise our groupings into 3 to 5 objects and switch it up when you need a refresh.


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Here's to a beautiful home!


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