The ultimate Guide to buying Furniture Online

by Crystal Lazaroo

In our digital world, you can literally shop for anything and everything online. From fruits to furniture, the options are endless and with delivery right to your door, it's never been easier to shop for your home, from your home! 

We get it, purchasing high-value furniture online can seem daunting. How can you be sure the Cabinet you're coveting to solve your storage problems, is going to fit in your space, look as described and be of good quality? Will the colour work with our existing furniture? It's enough to have you closing your browser tabs!

Get ready to shop online with confidence! Our Ultimate Guide to Buying Furniture Online shares 7 expert tips to help you navigate the world of online shopping. Eliminate uncertainty and find the perfect pieces for your home with ease. Simplify your life and save time with our guide.  

1) Choose your Retailer well. Here are some signs to look for when buying from an online furniture company:

  • Consider the quality of the photography. A company which invests in a quality website design and photography is more likely to be selling higher quality furniture.
  • Returns Policy. Do they have one? Familiarize yourself with the finer details to make sure you're comfortable with the terms & conditions.
  • Blog. A quality retailer will publish current blog posts offering styling tips and how-to ideas. Blog posts show value for the consumer and a genuine willingness to help solve common decorating woes.
  • Does the website's overall aesthetic align with your design style? 

2) Product Specifications. Read the product descriptions in full. Product descriptions give you a better indication of overall look & feel of a product. Discover the specific details & features of your piece, so you can make an informed decision based on the finish, colour & material type- timber, fabric etc.


3) Measure Twice. There's nothing worse than having your new furniture arrive only to find it won't fit through the front door! Be sure to measure your hallways & doorways - can the bedframe turn that tight corner? Confirm the overall dimensions and if you're in doubt, always ask. A simple hack to see if the piece is right for your space is to measure it out with masking tape- you can either mark the four corners including height, so you can be confident the scale will work in your space. 

4) Select the right Delivery Option for your product. Courier services that don't require a signature can be delivered any time on any day, which might be fine for smaller pieces. However, you may want to consider White Glove (delivery, install & rubbish removal) if you're ordering multiple pieces or bulky items. Check the assembly requirements to determine if professional services needed. 

5) Customer Service. Are the staff helpful and engaging? Give them a quick call to determine this for yourself. Check out the Contact Us page; is there a phone number? An email address? You want to be sure they can be easily contacted via email, phone or website chat when needed. 


6) Read the Reviews, from various sources: Website, Google & Social Media. Have you seen our RC in your Home via Instagram? It's a great way to see how our products look in real homes of happy customers. Bad reviews happen, but what's more important is how the company responds. Silence can speak volumes.

7) An About Us Page is designed to connect you more with the company, the founders and their values. How long have they been in business? Longevity can say a lot about a brand and how they conduct their business. You want to feel like you know who you are purchasing from, so we suggest you read their story and see if their values align with yours. 


A few benefits to shopping online: 

1) No sale's pressure! Browse at your leisure, get all the information you need when you want it. 

2) Compare apples with apples from various suppliers with ease as you jump from tab to tab, all from the comfort of home. Save time driving store to store and avoid partner frustration by doing your research online. 

3) Niche stores tend to offer better quality, unique products with greater customer service. Stay connected through their newsletter & socials to see what's new. Getting a feel for their product offering will give you greater confidence in your online purchases. 

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We hope this guide has given you some ideas to consider as you explore the wonderful world of online shopping! Have a tip to share with our community? Share a comment below. Happy (online) Shopping!

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