The Vignette Edit; 5 Tips for creating an effortless vignette

by Crystal Lazaroo




This month we look at how to style a vignette. An easy and inexpensive way to give your home a fresh new look. Let's start with the basic's.


What is a vignette? A vignette is a visual story. A grouping together of your favourite pieces that tell a story. A vignette is a creative way to add layers of interest to your home and express a personal sense of style.

How do I style a vignette? Use the ‘A’ or ‘L’ formation method to keep your vignette balanced and effortless. Begin with tallest piece first then build your vignette in layers. 


'A' Formation Vignette (above and below). 


Styled by Studio McGee.

Art work and Mirrors can be the perfect jumping off point to style a vignette. Use these larger pieces to dictate the colour palette. Browse our new collection of Art and Mirrors to inspire your very own vignette.

Our favourite artworks include Steam Fog & In a Dream, especially when paired with a console in an entry as seen above. Abstract Art adds the right amount of interest and muted colour to any vignette.

We'll be using our Pavilion Mirror in our #RCIClaremont project as the feature for the entryway vignette, stay tuned to see how this space turns out!



Above: Pavilion mirror, Quatrefoil mirror.

'L' Formation Vignette's. This formation works well in a casual setting as the asymmetrical formation make it less formal. Use the 'L' formation for coffee table vignette's and start with the tallest piece then build your layers. Less is more, so choose your décor pieces accordingly. 


What should I use in a vignette? Common home décor accessories to incorporate but are not limited to may include;

  • Proof of Life: Flowers are an easy go-to, but we love to mix things up by experimenting with greenery and different vases. Try incorporating a maiden hair fern in a pretty ceramic pot, or a structed Phalaenopsis Orchid in a terracotta or glass pot.
  • Framed Art or framed family photographs.
  • Stack of book- great way to add height and incorporate colour
  • Candle
  • Ceramics
  • Object d'art - whatever you like to collect.

I have a beautiful collection of mini brass trophies which belonged to my grandfather. I love their vintage patina and they work in any vignette. Shells, antique Chinese opium pots, mercury votive, acorns (collected in a nearby park) are pieces collected over the years which I can switch out as the seasons suggest. Shells work well in summer, whereas the acorns make their debut come autumn through to winter. 


Depth. Avoid grouping your objects in a straight line. Layer accessories and use various height to draw the eye and keep it interesting.

Hero. Let one main accessory be the hero piece to build your story around. This will help define your colour palette and texture.



The above images showcase one hero piece, a mirror & lamp. These larger scale pieces look best in an entry or in a living room if you have a large wall to fill. A bedside table is the perfect way to add more personality to your vignette. A beautifully shaped lamp can give your space real presence and style. Add treasured photo's or a colourfully dish for jewellery to keep it interesting and personal. Browse our lamps online. 

Odd Numbers. Odd numbered groupings allow your eye to take in the scene and allows your vignette to feel less forced and contrived.


Edit. Know when too much is just that. Too much! You want to avoid clutter and displaying too many items on your tablescape. Use a tray to organise and display your treasures in a more thoughtful way. 


Have fun. Try, edit and experiment. Take a photo and a step back to access your scene. The more you study what works in others' vignettes, the more confident you'll be to style like a pro!

Join in on the conversation and leave us a comment or question. Head over to our Instagram page for more daily tips and inspiration as we talk all things vignette's. Why not share your vignette with us on Instagram by using #rcivignette. We'd love to see your creative spaces. 

Here's to a beautiful home!

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