Inspiring Design Trends we LOVE!

Inspiration can come in many forms. We are constantly inspired by beautiful and timeless homes that reference tradition and have a contemporary approach to our modern way of life. 

This month we're inspired by these design trends: Mixing Materials, Traditional Cabinets and our gorgeous Bistro Collection

We often say to our customers that it's all about the details AND the mix and not the match! For a room to remain current and timeless, it's important to choose a mix of different materials. Pair rustic woods with contemporary art. Mix shiny objects with more natural materials like rattan or linen. Browse our collection of wood consoles here.


We've been importing a beautiful range of European Bookcases and Cabinets for over 8 years and this range remains a crowd favourite. Made using traditional methods and offering a plethora of colours and finishes to choose from, there is no end to the versatility of a display cabinet. A large cabinet can helps to anchor a space and create a good focal point in open plan living rooms. From offices, to kitchens, living rooms to formal spaces, there is no limit to your imagination. Visit our showroom and see what's in stock, or discuss your ideas with us and let us help you to achieve the look you're after from our extensive in-store catalogues.


Our new Bistro Collection has been a popular favourite among our customers and interior designers. After years of trying to track down the exact style and design we first coveted in America, we were thrilled when we finally found the supplier! I love that we are able to offer our customers the same coveted looks that were once reserved for Americans only. We love that people are being more bold with their homes and introducing pieces of furniture that are different. The stools and chairs offer a casual elegance with texture, pattern and subtle colour, three very important elements in design. 

The stools look super elegant in kitchens, especially in white kitchens and offer a sense of style and charm. The dining chairs are so comfortable and offer a stylish and practical option for families with young children. It's such a thrill see how our customers have used our products in their homes.