Relocation SALE



We have some exciting new planned for Rustic Charm Interiors in 2020.


What are the changes?

Rustic Charm Interiors will be relocating its warehouse and distribution centre from Perth, WA to Melbourne, VIC in 2020.


Why are there changes?

Over the last few years, Rustic Charm Interiors has experienced exciting growth nationally, with majority of our customers located on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

To provide a better service and reduce the delivery cost for majority of our customers, we will relocate our dispatch centre to Melbourne, VIC.


How does it affect you?

Positively! The relocation of our warehouse will allow us to dispatch more frequently so your order will arrive sooner and cost you less.


When are they happening?

The Jandakot showroom & warehouse will close on 31st Dec 2019. Relocation is planned over Summer 2020, during the months of January & February. All orders placed between 31st December - January 31st will be dispatched mid-February.


What now?

So, let’s celebrate our 14 Years in Perth with a MASSIVE RELOCATION SALE.  Instead of packing up all our beautiful furniture, we’re having a major stock clearance sale. We’d rather sell our stock than move it.

Shop our entire in-stock collection online or visit our Jandakot showroom before December 31st 2019.


Please feel free to be in touch via email:

If you have any questions. Thank you.


Kind Regards,

Management Team at Rustic Charm Interiors

Crystal Lazaroo & Dennis Irungu