How to style a coffee table


Do you ever look at your coffee table and feel completely underwhelmed? Uninspired, even? How do you begin to decorate a large flat piece of furniture in the middle of your family room which still needs to be functional, look tidy and compliment your décor style? 

When it comes to styling a coffee table, there are four basic approaches you can consider depending on your functional needs and decorating style:

Corner Connection: Create small groupings of objects in each of the four corners of the table with equal visual weight given to each grouping.

Long and Linear: Go with a simple, streamlined look that runs lengthwise down the centre of the table (with a larger grouping in the centre flanked by two smaller groupings).

Contained Chaos: Arrange a display of objects or vignette on trays you can confine items, save space and everything looks neater and polished.

Accessory Attention: Choose one large, eye-catching display and place it in the centre of the table as your statement piece. A large big floral statement is an elegant flourish.

Begin with these 5 must-have items and you’ll have an interesting and well-balanced coffee table- good enough to grace the page of any home décor magazine.



  • Tray. And not just one, but a few. Varying sizes and textures help to add layers of interest to the table top.
  • Your favourite candle to light night after night will not only look romantic but smell wonderful.
  • Florals or Greenery add color and texture. Adding an organic element helps to keep things looking fresh.
  • Coffee Table Books. Not only great to create height, but also something to entertain visitors.
  • Decorative accents. Spark conversation and adds interest.


10 Bonus ideas for decorating your coffee table:

    • Remote controls CAN look chic when contained together in a large pretty bowl or hidden in a decorative box. 
    • Decorate with greenery and use interesting vessels. A vase is great, but a silver champagne bucket, white pitcher or mercury vase will really elevate the everyday. 
    • Reuse your candle tins or jars to store matches and have them readily on hand to light your favourite scent.
    • Add quirky décor objects as paperweights on top of books- brass object d’art or large coral or shells look particularly striking. 
    • An oversized magnifying glass not only looks great, but can be a practical tool. 
    • Use organic elements that are unexpected for a relaxed and sophisticated feel. A small iron urn filled with shells or a decorative lantern that has slightly weathered feel add instant lived-in feel that is so comfortable.
    • Remember that collection of match boxes reminiscent of places you've visited? Don’t discard them- display them in a decorative bowl for added interest. No one will be able to resist picking them up- a great conversation starter too. 
    • Throw away (or re-purpose) the box! A decorative set of coasters look best when easily accessed on a coffee table. Agate coasters are a thing of beauty and look effortlessly chic on any coffee table.
    • A lolly jar filled with mints or your favourite chocolates add texture, colour and something yummy to indulge on movie nights.
    • Capture the dazzle of crystals under a dome for a luxurious statement. This idea works well in both contemporary and classic style homes. Use white, amethyst or even this year’s Pantone colour Rose Quartz crystals for an on-trend addition.                                            Here's to a beautiful home!


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