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We received so much love on our first post about this project, (in case you missed it, you can read it here) THANK YOU. Many of you commented, emailed or messaged us, it truly means so much.

We're excited to be back sharing two more spaces in a little more detail; Formal Lounge & Living Room. Sit back and enjoy. 

The Lounge Room is equal parts formal and cosy. Soaring ceilings, open fire place and beautiful cornice detailing all lend itself to the formality of the space however, our client was very clear that she wanted the room to feel comfortable and liveable. This room is used!

A beautiful Caitlin Wilson Rug in gorgeous muted tones including sage, lilac and blush is the star of the room. Nothing like plush wool underfoot to give you all the cosy feels, plus the pattern is just exquisite!

Existing linen sheers and patterned wallpaper panels provided a neutral layer to build upon. The lounge room embraces formal luxury whilst remaining cosy and approachable. 

Beautiful Diane Bergeron (for Arthur G) Collette sofa's help ground the muted colour palette. Our Weller Zig-Zag Lamp was a perfect choice; its shape echoing the patterns found in the rug. Incorporating a rich colour such as indigo through the sofa's and lamp give the space depth and dimension. It's all about balance. 


Our Barley Twist Coffee Table was one of the first pieces we secured for this space and soon after everything else fell into place. We love how the blush tones of the rug, ground the table. The detail of the coffee table is so gorgeous, we absolutely love how it looks in this space. Simple styling allows for plenty of space to kick up your feet or rest a cup of tea.


Another favourite piece is our St Bart's Side Table. Substantial in size and offering dual storage, topped with a lamp for height and colour. The sweet brass detail of the side table tie together the other brass elements in the room. 

Our Claire Sideboard was a late substitution as the original piece intended for this space was better suited for the living room, so we sourced this gorgeous piece and it turned out so so well! We love how the sweet brass knobs and rattan door panels compliment the St Barts side table without being too matchy-matchy. What do you think?

We switched out the existing chandelier for this stunning Grenol Chandelier in brass which adds balance and scale to the room. When in doubt, bigger is always better! Speaking of big, finding a mirror large enough for this chimney breast was a challenge and while we adore the Meg mirror, it was just too small. We switched the mirror out for a beautiful custom print by Jess Blazejewski, the colours work effortlessly, like it was always meant to be. 

Take a look at the original mood board we developed for this space. It's fun to look back and see what made the final cut! A good mood board is like having a visual compass to guide all your decisions. It's what ultimately makes a space successful. Seeing how the overall scheme works together with all the coordinating and contrasting colours, patterns and textures is my favourite part of the interior decorating process. 



STAGE TWO- Revised



Now, let's take a look at the family living room which is a new addition in the renovation (and you wouldn't even know) which opens up to the dining and outdoor areas.

Let's start with our vision for this space;


Yes, we even added cushions (styled differently for the photoshoot) to our mood boards. It's all in the details!

Fresh blues and greens feature prominently in this space, and with good reason. The soothing palette invites you to sit down, unwind and relax. Natural materials such as woven blinds, linen sofas and Temple wool rug add everyday luxury to this space. We added a mix of pattern, texture and colour through the gorgeous selection of cushions. Not one cushion is the same and we couldn't love it more!

We first spied this Fly With Me artwork in a space designed by Studio McGee. It was one of the very first pieces we locked in, without knowing where it was going to end up. Sometimes you find those pieces that speak to you. We believe that when you buy what you truly love, it will always have a place in your home, even if you don't know where yet. 

Our St Bart's Coffee Table adds texture and is the perfect shape for the layout of the space and we love how all the white furniture pieces add a sense of coastal style, without it looking 'hamptons', a more sophisticated approach to coastal style. Our Carson Sideboard (originally intended for the formal lounge) works well in here as a TV console. The simple brass handles tie together other brass elements within this space; art frames, coffee table detail, Double Tube Wall Sconces and Larabee Table Lamp.

This sweet Artwork duo by Atelier Collection might just be my absolute favourite. It adds so much personality and warmth to this corner and helps to balance the TV which is just to the right. I could happily stare at those sailboats all day! Art completes a space like nothing else and can be an inexpensive way to add a designer touch to your home. Where possible, choose custom framing, it can make any print feel more luxe. 

Every time I look back on space, it becomes my new favourite! I simply can't choose just one. I love how timeless both living spaces look and feel. Working with our client Judi to bring these spaces to life, will forever be an experience close to my heart. I love looking back at our inspiration, mood board selections and now to the reveal. I can't believe how images on paper can transform and turn into something even more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

It's been a joy to share this post with you, I hope you'll leave us a comment below and let us know what's your favourite room or piece. Perhaps you have a question? Feel free to email or ask below. Thanks for joing us, we hope you'll come back from more next week. 



  • Sara

    So many beautiful things to admire. Love how everything goes together to nicely. Looks amazing! I love it all!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness!!! I’ve just bought a character home and can’t wait to decorate. I love all the blue and green. Thanks for the inspiration!

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